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I am Korean girl and I will talk about Korean boys Anonymous 3670

Korean boys who have foreign gf always they upload his gf naked photo and face. He say that she is teenage and very kind to him and sympathy. Maybe the foreign woman was lonely in korea and she thought the korean boy is kind. But this things always happen in Korean website. The korean website are not porno site. Almost korean boys use the web site. And they dont think it is not problem. The victims are not only asian. There are white victims too

And Korean boys even upload his daughters photo on web site. Korean boys talk sexual insult to the child. Any Korean boys dont think it is wrong.

I heard that the girls are very kind to the korean sex offenders and feel sympathy for the korean boys. And the victims are usually teenager so they cannot filter out sex offenders. I want to talk about this to all foreign girls.

Anonymous 3671

Just FYI
This board is kind of slow so don't stay up waiting for answers

t. Friendly anon

Anonymous 3672

"i know who you are and I cant believe you post here!"

writer 3673

you know me?why?

Anonymous 3674

r u ok

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 3676

Moved to >>>/feels/14679.

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