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Anonymous 3713

So what is your opinion on this movie? I think it was too rushed at the end

Anonymous 3721

I haven't seen it yet. I had high hopes for it, but all reviews on Youtube say it's bad…
What do you think OP? Was it good in general?

Anonymous 3724

The ending was… ehhh. Like, she kissed this guy, who had his eyes closed thinking it was a different girl kissing him. and he's just okay with that afterwards?? weird. if that was me i would have felt violated as fuck tbh.

Anonymous 3731

What's the best counterpart coming of age film to "Boyhood"? I haven't seen "Ladybird" or "8th grade"

Anonymous 3733

It felt rushed at the end, but it is really good to spend some time on bed watching netflix

Anonymous 3791

Really dislike the main bitch. She screwed all her friends over and still got a good ending. Whole movie just pissed me off tbh

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