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The Haunting of Hill House Anonymous 3773

How do you all feel about this show?
I loved it. I never expected the ending to be that way though. Episode 5 was amazing (& sad) with Nell at the end.

Anonymous 3775

Dunno, but I'm going to watch a few episodes tonight because of this thread so thanks.

Unless it SUCKS in which case I hate you.

Anonymous 3776

The show made me really sad. I came into it thinking it was just a horror but got my heart played with too

Anonymous 3778

Heh, okay, I'll watch it.

Anonymous 3779

I really like that it's a horror without the shitty, cheap jumpscares. A lot of it really taps into some of my own fears which is great. My only problem is that it's really heavy and at the end of a long day, I don't really feel like watching heavy things so I think I've only watched 2/3 episodes in total. I feel the same about Black Mirror which I also love but can't really force myself to watch anymore of.

Anonymous 6310


I've been patiently waiting for season 2 for too long.

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