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Femanons with musical talent Anonymous 3797

Any femanons here musicians or make music?
Almost exactly one year ago I was near homeless and had pursued music my whole life. I was finally able to get my life together and make music almost everyday and found a producer to help me put my songs and lyrics together. I have come so far and finally was able to upload my first real song.

Share songs you have made or are working on and we comment on each others work.

soundcloud links or youtube/bandcamo whatever

If you do not have any media uploaded to showcase your musical talents just leave a post about musical skills you have or goals you want to achieve.

Are you a singer? Play a instrument? DJ?

More girls need to be in the spotlight! We are superstars!


Anonymous 3798


It's not that hard to produce music all by yourself. All you need is a PC and some software. Why are there so few female music producers? It seems to be an almost exclusively male dominated field.
Any female audio engineers, composers/arrangers?

Should I dump some good resources so other ladies can have at it?

Anonymous 3800

I have a keyboard at home and I play piano and make riffs and songs and the lyrics. then I bring that to the studio and work on it. I use fl studio :)

We do need more femanons making music I think that would be really cool

Anonymous 3803

I've been making music since I was a young child. Never thought about recording it. My parents bought me a few keyboards from garage sales and I would just improvise tunes I thought sounded cool. In my teen years, I used to try to play songs from the radio, TV, games, and movies. Once I turned 20, I started recording music. I used to do 8-bit/16-bit music for a year or two. I've been getting into synthesizers lately. I just need a good DAW. I loved using Logic Pro but now that I'm out of my parents house, I don't have a Mac anymore. FL Studio is good, but it's not the same.

Anonymous 3804

FL Studio can be pretty fun as there are plenty good tutorials on YouTube for it (SeamlessR and others). But try ReNoise in combination with an audio synthesis engine such as MaxMSP or Supercollider. ReNoise is a modern sound-tracker style DAW. I think Ardour might be similar to Logic, though I haven't spent much time with either so it's not a fair comparison. It's very important to choose a DAW wisely, as you will get comfortable with it's workflow making it really hard to change if you ever want to.

Anonymous 3805


can you sing to? What genre of music do you like to make?

Anonymous 3808

Ever considered building your own synthesizers out of spare electronic parts?
It's quite cheap and easy if you know what you are doing. Circuit bending kids toys is also pretty cool.
Here's a large YouTube playlist on basic electronics to help get you started if you are interested:
Here's something on circuit bending (much /cyb/):

Anonymous 3809

idk . I am not smart enough for that. I am for eccentric and creative than technical.

Anonymous 3810

That's a bad mindset, you are severely limiting yourself with beliefs like that!
You don't have to be some physicist or engineer to create your own synthesizers.
All it takes is some knowledge of basic electronics a breadboard, wire, and components as well as some switches.
Just learn to read those wiring diagrams, know what each component kind of does, and have at it.
Watch some of the videos on that playlist and you will begin to realize it's not really that hard if you set your mind to it.

Anonymous 3813

Glad you got your shit together and are in a good track OP <3 keep on going!

Anonymous 3819

idk if this is ebegging or not… but maybe you should check elsewhere?

Anonymous 3822


ebegging would imply I am asking for something money or otherwise.

I am just saying share music and musical interests.

I posted in media. It is completely appropriate.

I do not understand what I would be begging for.

Just share your soundcloud or youtube or whatever if you want to share.

Singing talents or otherwise.

Anonymous 4244


I'm trying to make ~computer music~ because I love 80s synthpop but I feel like I have no sense of rhythm or what makes a good song. Currently I'm making background music for an online project and some short videos that I shoot and it feels much easier to go with the flow and create ambient kind of sounds rather than getting into the whole anatomy of a full song. It's really hard for me to concentrate on it for a long time, too, so I only come up with bits and bytes. I wish I could make a song though.

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