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Anonymous 3856

What multiplayer games off steam would /b/ recommend to a clinically depressed person?

Anonymous 3857

a job

Anonymous 3858

Unrelated to your mental condition, what features of games do you like?

It is hard to recommend games unless you're specifically looking for an escape to spiral in, in which case I wouldn't feel comfortable enabling self-destructive habits.

Anonymous 3859

Avoid “tactical” shooters due to reliance on mic useage

MMORPGs may be comfy but require lots of investment in time

Collab/survival pve games are the epitome of comfy

Anonymous 3860

But I have one
Open world games are fun. I don't have a very specific kind of game I like though

Anonymous 3861

Stardew Valley

Anonymous 3862

SCP:SL or Deceit are always fun (except if there are retarded people going crazey), prepare to be misunderstood by french kids though

Anonymous 3863

Guild wars 2 is (mostly) F2P and open world. It's a mmo based mostly on exploration of the open world, and the community is considered one of the best in free mmo's.
I played it for a while and kept me distracted for a few months.

Anonymous 3864

Play a couch co-op party game with someone IRL. I really like Nidhogg.

Anonymous 3865

Monster Prom? I love dating sims and the idea of a multiplayer one is really fun imo.

Anonymous 3866


I lost the motivation to play after the first two years, sadly. It's a nice game though.

Anonymous 3867

You should look into the story rich genre so you get hooked in and distracted from your mental health issues

Anonymous 3868

Battle for Azeroth is the new WoW xpac and it’s amazing and you should definitely join us~~~~

Anonymous 3869

How does it compare to WoD? It's the last xpax I played and it bored me so much I wasn't even interested in Legion.

Does CC have a guild or anything on WoW?

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