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web nostalgia Anonymous 4041

fukkireta. otakuzone. danganronpa. alice human sacrifice.
lets wax poetic about the good ol' days…

Anonymous 4043

Anonymous 4050

All webpages I hold dearly to me are all saved and archived in my evernote. Unfortunately I only started recognizing the importance of web archiving in late 2015; so no precious webpages from prior (especially early 2010) other than a handful of bookmarks that haven’t been 404

I just wanna say; please archive. Bookmarks are useless, same with pinterest

Anonymous 4052

I miss trolling narutobase every day after school. It's a feeling that cannot be replicated on any other site. Domain is still up but it's not the same.

Anonymous 4053

There are barely any good sites to archive anymore, honestly.
Everything is on Discord/Twt/Tumblr/some other major web conglomerate

Anonymous 4054

Expand on this

Anonymous 4056


The only thing alive with danganronpa is Komaeda and hell, I still laugh at Komaeda memes.

I loved looking up niconico videos on youtube as a young weeb. I especially looked back fondly at all the SSBB MADs I saw on my wii's internet channel.

Anonymous 4057

why were people so obsessed with this guy

Anonymous 4058

>nice design
>lots of screentime in a popular game
>crazy personality to appeal to young weebs in their edgy phase
>easy to pair up with the MC so fujos like him
>actually is kind of an interesting character

Anonymous 4062


[spoilers] He has lady fingers, I fell in love with him when they showed us his special hand. There is also a non-zero chance he had sex with a dead body[/spoilers]

Anonymous 4065

I am currently web scrapping crystal.cafe webpages to show to my future children all these friendly people I interacted with anonymously without ever knowing their name.

Will also be useful as a object of sorts to look at what people were thinking about in this current time. I guess just reminiscing things is why I do this. I haven’t had my browsing deleted and it spans as far back as 2013.

What’s a good way to archive and organize videos though? Filexplorer is cumbersome and slow (cant have detailed descriptions for instance) but I guess it’s only way for now

Anonymous 4107


Bumping the thread because there's bound to be more things we feel nostalgic about the internet…!

More importantly, blingee anyone? I loved making shitty obnoxious gifs using pics of me and my fav anime pics lol.

Anonymous 4116

did anyone here use chatango?

kek i still make these things
would post a few but i'm not at my pc right now

Anonymous 4117


I would always remember seeing those in anime streaming sites that use Goku/Naruto as mascots. I never used it since I was a wee weeaboo who practiced stranger danger on the internet.

Please do anon! Are your blingees simple like the one I posted before (not mine but I like it) or more like pic related?

Anonymous 4118


I spent way too much time taking quizzes like "what kind of anime catgirl are you?" and "who is your Naruto boyfriend?" on Quizilla.

Anonymous 4119

this was my jam
i loved those 7 minute in heaven thingies

they're overtly complicated and absolutely messy
also on second thought the subject matter for them isn't 2d, and it doesn't really align with the whole 'nostalgia' theme here, so. i will have to refrain
sorry lol

Anonymous 4122

prime comedy in its day
the finger guns still get me

Anonymous 4149

I never had the chance to play the games because investing money into PS3s were too pricey but the music and character art kept captivating me.
It almost has a.. western flair in it's musical direction that makes it ridiculously good and distinct imo

Anonymous 4150

I like disgaea too, the games are pretty fun. I only play the story though, I've never been into the whole "grind for a gorillion hours" part of it. The character sprites are really cute, I really liked the additional movement of the sprites in the vita release of 3 and 4.

Anonymous 4407


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