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Phone customization thread Anonymous 4045

Post your layouts and apps you use!

Pic related is my current screen, I mixed two +Home themes

Anonymous 4048

I remember using layouts on an old blackberry phone can you get them on iphones?

Anonymous 4049

I’m not a high IQ computer scientist but IIRC Iphones are limited to customizability to only the wallpaper and lock screen; can’t even move app icons in a certain way. I’m on a iphone 6 plus and I am eagerly saving up for a Note 9; I can’t deal with apple anymore.

Anonymous 4068


The layout for December.

Anonymous 4091

this anon >>4049 is correct

Anonymous 4100

>can‘t even move app icons
Wrong, you can

Anonymous 4104

In a certain way

You can’t be creative with the positioning of icons (IE moving apps away from the middle of a photo towards the bottom as to not block certain part of photo). It's all linear and fixed. You also can't use widget apps (which are functions like weather, reminders, battery etc displayed on home screen and updated live) let alone even resize them (which you can on android).

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