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Tabletop Anonymous 4082

Lets have a Tabletop thread! What have you been playing anon? D&D? Warhammer? Something else? Talk about it! Characters, story, etc. Whatever you want.

Anonymous 4083

AD&D & AD&D 2nd edition
Some Champions.
Really enjoying the 2nd edition game, my bf’s dad runs it and it is great

Anonymous 4099

I learnt Warhammer for tea kay and then the following week they changed up the rules so I hate Wahammers now.

Anonymous 4254

I've been playing in a friend's homebrew. He's making the whole thing - system and setting and everything.

Its still a work in progress though and he's just told me that my entire character concept is being rebalanced, so I'll have to remake her after this campaign is done.
I'm trying not to get too frustrated, since he's one of my best friends and the game is still fun, but it's bugging me more than it really should.
I was already kinda underpowered as it is compared to the rest of the party, and now I'll have to dilute my stats even further.
Oh well.

Past that though, I've been trying to get some friends to play Blades in the Dark with me. It looks super fun, but I just can't sell them on it.

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