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Computer/Internet hobbies Anonymous 411

What are your digitally oriented hobbies, sisters?

I'd like to use my tech addiction more productively.

Anonymous 413

Mainly programming and gaming. I do some CAD stuff too but I'm still pretty new to it. I like to participate in game jams and I've learned a bit about making sound effects and really basic audio editing from that.

I would like to get into digital painting down the line.

Anonymous 415

Programming, specifically for physical platforms (arduino, robotics, pi, etc). I find it gets me away from the screen a bit more often and is still a lot of fun.

I'd highly recommend getting into web design & development. You can make some awesome stuff after a while.

Anonymous 417

>I'd highly recommend getting into web design & development
do you have any tips or know of any resources for someone wanting to get into this?

Anonymous 421

What kind of stuff do you do with arduinos and pis and stuff? I have a programming background and have been playing with them for a while, but I'm still working on my electrical and mechanical knowledge.

Anonymous 423

Aside from some basic tips, I don't really have much for you. Sorry, sister. I learned in what is basically the least efficient, most half-assed way possible- I started out learning HTML and filled in the rest of the knowledge as I needed it for different projects. Decide on a simple project you'd like to bring to fruition and then learn what you need to learn to complete it- whether that be HTML, CSS, Go, Javascript, Node, whatever. If you'd just like to straight-up learn some HTML one evening, try out Codecademy's lessons. They're not perfect but can build a really strong foundation.

I like building robots and modifying old electronics. It's nothing extremely complex but it can be really fun to do even the simple stuff. The last thing I built was an IoT wheeled robot that lit up with different expressions depending on what I fed to it via my web server. I used a knockoff Yun shield an an arduino Uno.
The "Arduino Starter Kit" from their website is great if you haven't done much with the platform yet.

Anonymous 425

Neat! I definitely want to delve more into the robotics realm of things. I've made some cosplay props with lights, sound, and interaction, but lately I've been playing with the attiny10 and making tiny small things I can carry with me.

Anonymous 426

The attiny10 is adorable but I haven't been able to pick one up yet :( I'll have to order one off of mouser sometime soon. What sort of things are you making?

Anonymous 428

Any interest in a programming study group?

Anonymous 438

not that anon but if absolute beginners with no background are welcome then yes

Anonymous 439

I'm currently learning Python and I'd love to join too.

Anonymous 443

that'd be great! are you in one right now, or are you thinking of setting one up?

Anonymous 448

I was thinking of setting one up. I actually am a programmer for my day job but I also help out with a lot of groups that teach programming in my city and I thought it would be fun to set up a group for girls. Plus there are some beginner courses I'd be interested in running through (for languages I don't know or things I want a refresher on) if there were other people who were doing it too.

I'll look into setting up a discord server for this when I get home tonight.

Anonymous 452

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous 476


I would be interested too!

Anonymous 485

>>448 me too me too!

Anonymous 488

I was just thinking that I would love to find some kind of group for female programmers. I'm trying to get into the industry and I feel like there are some feels that you'd have to be female in tech to understand. I know loads of women who want to learn how to code but not many who are actually in STEM.

Anonymous 499

I'm interested as well. Count me in.

Anonymous 502

Def interested.

I'm starting a CS degree in the fall and learning Java and Python in the meantime.

Anonymous 504

do it, im doing applied math in uni but STEM girl problems are always relatable

Anonymous 507

Same! I have zero zero background in programming or anything related to that. I would love to learn tho but I dont know where to start (also I heard that having a mac is not good for programming but maybe they were wrong?)

Anonymous 509

a group for girls sounds like a very good idea!! i don't know much about programming but i'm trying to learn more this summer, i want to use it for my art projects and such


Hi everyone, I was this anon >>448

Sorry to be slow. I thought it would be just like 2-3 people and it would mostly involve talking with people one on one or in a very small group about specific concepts or their personal projects they wanted to pursue but didn't know where to start with. It's awesome that more people are interested, but I'm probably not the best person to spearhead the effort in that case. I still would love to offer help where I can, I'm just not one for organizing groups of more than like ~3 people. If anyone else is interested in starting it up, please feel free to, and I'll probably come and lurk and help where I can. I have included my email if someone wanted individual help.

Anonymous 516

I'm up for organizing the server- we can all chat about structure and such there. I'm busy for the next hour or two but I should have the infinite invite link out soon (if that's okay.)

Anonymous 517

>if that's okay
That's more than okay, that's great!

Anonymous 520

Thank you for setting this up!

Anonymous 1286

invite is expired :/

Anonymous 1312

Unfortunately that server was deleted, not sure exactly why.

Anonymous 2693

Awwwwwh </3

Anonymous 2755

Is there any more interest in a new programming study group?

Anonymous 2759

Sorry anons, it sat around unused for a month or so and I had to pull the plug.

Yes! I don't anticipate we'll get a ton of use out of it but it'd be nice to have around now that things are picking up again (at least a little bit)

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