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new mons movie.jpe…

Anonymous 4113

Thoughts on new mons movie?

Anonymous 4144

It looks dumb as hell tbh

Anonymous 4145


Some people say they think the pikachu is cute but I think it looks very gross.

Anonymous 4146

it's so creepy

Anonymous 4147

I'm not watching it. Seems stupid as shit and I don't want to encourage Nintendo to make other movies like it.

Anonymous 4148

I don't want to watch it. They managed to make jiggly puff ugly.

Anonymous 4241


Anonymous 4242

I can't wait to watch it! I don't care if it will suck, it is a must watch

Anonymous 4243

The sole fact that this movie will come out and be an actual thing makes me not want to live on this planet anymore.

Anonymous 4248

i don't get what's up with normies and wanting live action movies tbh
some things are 2D for a REASON

Anonymous 4249

Our Culture.gif


I wish I had someone to watch it with other than my mom.


I think it looks really good. Most of the live action movies from Disney recently have looked awful but, I'm excited for this one.

Anonymous 5036

It's an alright movie. But it was a weird game they picked to adapt into a movie.

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