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Anonymous 4179

any of you goyim watch/read jojo.

Anonymous 4180


jojo is my life
I still haven't found the time to watch part 5 though. But I feel it's more satisfying to watch something in one go than wait for a new episode each week.

Anonymous 4181


by the way here is a super original edit I made.

Anonymous 4225


Have you read the manga? I haven't read any of the manga after stardust crusaders but I've been watching the show weekly as it comes out since thr beginning. Part 5 is fantastic so far.

Anonymous 4226


I've read all the manga except for some latest chapters of Jojolion (I always forget to read them), Jojolion is so far my favorite.
I think part 5 is awesome as well, it's way way better than the manga. I really didn't like Giorno much in the manga, it's like he had no personality aside from being super smart and always knowing just what to say and do, but the anime changed that.

Anonymous 4234

My bf made me watch part 4 which I really enjoyed. Josuke and Okuyasu are adorable, Rohan's scenes genuinely made me laugh and I was so eager to see what crazy shit would happen each episode. We got to see the exhibition when we were in Tokyo so that was cool. He was really hyped for part 5 because it's set in Italy and although I do enjoy that part, all the characters are boring af and it was kind of a let-down. Giorno in particular has no personality and because of that I don't really care if he achieves his goal or not? I'm still going to finish it though.

Maybe it's more interesting to people who have read the manga or are more immersed in the series as a whole.

Anonymous 4247

I'm fucking hyperventilating thanks to La Squadra I was waiting for this since SO MANY YEARS. It makes me so happy.

Anonymous 4252

Pretty much everyone agrees part 5 is anywhere between the weakest part and just straight up boring garbage.

Anonymous 4269



Anonymous 4270



Anonymous 4271

Everyone post your favorite remix now go!!

Anonymous 4272

I could just post these songs all day but I will just post one more

Anonymous 4291

Jojo MADs are great.

Anonymous 4293

Ah, so I'm not alone. At least the setting is beautiful and makes me really nostalgic.

Anonymous 17792


JoJo has really amazing husbandos.

Anonymous 18501


I'm still pissed off that Araki made the best boy a rapist on the last second after he won fair and square (as fair as it gets when stands are involved)

Anonymous 18974


Nah that's just some other alternative Diego. Not the dino one.

Anonymous 19427


A Jojo thread on crystal cafe and hardly anyone has commented here?!?!?
This is an absolute crime.
Jonathan Joestar is a gentle giant and Dio Brando did EVERYTHING wrong.

Anonymous 19429

JoJo is shit and it's ok to ignore parts of the canon that don't make sense or that you don't like.

Anonymous 19431

Jojo peaked with Battle Tendency. It was all downhill from there.

Anonymous 19433


Part 5 is the sexiest part

Anonymous 19438

Anonymous 19449


I appreciate JoJo's manservice where the guys are handsome, lean and muscular and sometimes wearing suggestive clothing which you don't see a lot in male characters other than females.

Anonymous 19457

>that gif
Araki is so fucking based

Anonymous 19458

this anon gets it

Anonymous 19460


Anonymous 22892


anyone watching stone ocean right now? i’m so excited because jolyne is my favorite jojo, i’ve only gotten the time to watch a couple episodes today though. what do you guys think of part 6 and its adaptation?

Anonymous 22893

God I can't wait to watch Stone Ocean
I skipped the part 5 anime partly because I was tired of JoJo but also because it fucking bored me for some reason, but part 6? I'm so fucking hyped (I don't have Netflix lmao)

Anonymous 22894

I'm pretty sure other people had already made this edit before you lol

Anonymous 22895

>I skipped the part 5 anime partly because I was tired of JoJo but also because it fucking bored me for some reason
honestly i did that too, i watched part of it when it came out cause i was excited for new jojo content but stopped keeping up. i had already read it anyways so i figured it’d be fine (but i felt a little ashamed because of all the va hype) i probably will watch all of part 6 though. my family has a netflix so i got lucky, i think it’s good so far!

Anonymous 22898

dont read manga but jolyne is interesting and i love seeing an all female jojo crew. i know im gunna be biased with my opinion of this season but lets just enjoy this ladies

Anonymous 22902

Who cares about bias, to be honest I'm biased too, always been, because Jolyne is the only female JoJo.

Anonymous 22924

Part 5 IS boring and it took me a few months to read it through because it did not interest me. I don't know what it was, but it felt like there was much less jojo humor in it than the other parts. It felt more serious. It's probably because i disliked giorno, but yeah. Also, diavolo is an interesting character but a shitty villain.

On the flipside, i got through part 6 in just a few days. Part 4, 6, and 7 are my favorite parts and i am definitely biased but i don't care, they're the best parts 100%.

Anonymous 22925

Did you perhaps read part 5 when only the shit scanlation was available?

Anonymous 22928

really? well, not any of the other anons but I dropped the part 5 anime too (though I did read it). I find it hard to describe why it was more boring to me–the most comparable part to it is stardust crusaders though I didn't find that part as boring.

Anonymous 22929

been so many years so I barely remember much besides idle thoughts like being disappointed in Giorno and his "connection" to Dio.

Anonymous 22931

Ayrt, i think people find it boring because there were really no moments of rest. And pretty much every fight had the same stakes. It's been a while since i read it but that's the conclusion i've come to.
No, i read the colored version! Funny thing is that the colored version of part 6 had some real clunky translation issues but i still enjoyed it more than part 5.

Anonymous 23289


he is literally the perfect man

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