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Anonymous 4344

Any good yaoi manga recommendations?
so far i have only seen atrocious art like pic related

Anonymous 4345

Anonymous 4347


I've never read it, but this is a yaoi manga with good artwork.

Anonymous 4355

I don't know if Manhwa count but:
- Blood bank (beautiful art)
- Moritat
- Royal Servant
- Killing Stalking (you either really like it or really hate it)
- From Points of Three (I'm sorry but the ending is god awful, but everything leading up to it is really good)
- Our Omega Leadernim (A bit strange… but it's different tbh)
- BJ Alex
- Don't be cruel (On-going)
- Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (Yakuzaaaaa)
- Katekyo!

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