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Shitty Webcomics General Anonymous 4414

Inspired by >>>/feels/20522

I'll start with Menage a 3

>29yo virgin happens to have a social circle of exclusively oversexed, attractive girls who are all unrealistically invested in helping him lose his virginity or fucking him themselves, is a comic book writer and in no way a self-insert

>bisexual alt girl with an "inability to stay monogamous"
>ex-porn star "trying to leave her past behind"
>gay male couple with one's sexual orientation being "kinky bastard"
>Japanese girl named Yuki who is "Technically bi, but phallophobic (sees tentacles instead of penises)" dates the protagonist and goes to a therapist to get her phallophobia treated
>therapist has a complex about her boobs and deflowers the main character despite him dating her patient
>a transgender lingerie model from Brazil

>Ménage à 3 is consistently rated in the top 50 webcomics on the internet and is one of the top 25 most read.

Anonymous 4416


Can it ever be beaten?

Anonymous 4417


Can we also vent about general shitty decisions in once good webcomics?

>dopey sorority girl gets bf stolen by demons and given magic

>makes strange friends in a strange world
>starts to embrace herself, her hair goes back it's natural color, grows less frightened all the time and concerned with silly trivial things
>becomes an ugly man
>complete with writing poems about getting pussy with 'le quirky speech impediment pixie-girl trope except blue'
>audience comments are nothing but "yyaaassss" "slay omg queen" "tfw no muscle dyke gf who will beat me up"


Anonymous 4418

Post the name so in the future people can avoid this like the plague.

Anonymous 4419


Oh shit my bad, it's so popular I forgot to name drop.
It's Kill Six Billion Demons.

It's so frustrating because it starts really strong, I was so into it, and it got really good about two chapters in, then it just begins the slow but very steady nosedive.
Visually it looks great if a little amateur, and the world is great, but goddamn did the characters lose their purpose and get really gross. The worst part is the entire audience is completely onboard.

The brown haired girl in this image is the protag.
She used to be a bottle-blonde dummy, then started developing into her own self.
This is what she's turned into: >>4417

I hope she goes back, but I doubt it for how long she's been like this and how positively it's been received by the entire fanbase.

I'll stop venting about this now.

Anonymous 4420

in comics in general weakness it's something to be overcome never to be explored, i think that kind of mentallity always ends up making shallow stories, instead of getting to know allison better and why she is the way she is and how she could expand her personality (even her flaws) she just went and become literally strong, i think that's just lazy storytelling, but all to common in comics

Anonymous 4421

Yeah. It doesn't even make sense. It's a magic world.
Characters can reshape the world with their minds, she has even done it previously.
"Strenght" is entirely comprehension and wisdom in this world, little bugs can wish away mountains if they reach enough understanding of things.
Why is she now an instagram bodybuilder? Over a time-skip, didn't even see the development, just time-skip.

Aaaa I'm ranting again.

Anonymous 4422

perfect timing op. my friend and i are trying to make a "manga/comic" out of a shitty in-joke we had in our circle of friends. judging from the fact that we canceled it 7 times and now only two people are working on it, it's going to be shit.

what are shitty comic tropes we must absolutely

i must mention that neither of us actually like reading or writing or comics. don't worry about the art i'll figure something out.

Anonymous 4423

i forgot to mention the most important part. there's not much to tell yet but it's about a princess whose family gets overthrown and she loses her nobility, and her purpose is to rise again. btw, since the original joke was about an anime with my friends being as characters, she's my representative, and most characters will be based on real people.

Anonymous 4424

>what are shitty comic tropes we must absolutely avoid?
This is broad, I'd just recommend reading the Tv-tropes website.
Look up a comic you know and see how many tropes it has.
Some are positive and you should use them, but others are clearly stupid or weak.
>main character is a self-insert
There's nothing wrong at all with this by itself, but since you asked about shitty tropes, I guess avoid any obvious power fantasies or too cleanly 'working things out' for the main character. People like a self-insert if it's real, not half-real half-my-perfect-fantasy.

But yeah you could have it like almost a loose biographical type comic if the characters are all people you know. Those are really popular, even if the setting is fantastcial or something.

Anonymous 4425

The character isn't a literal self insert, none of them are. We'd make an RP if it were to be like that. What I meant to say was, the characters' personalities are all based on real people.
>'working things out' for the main character
I'll be honest we kind of did that. We made the protagonist's brother serve the new king who usurped power, but we made a eunuch help the protagonist flee to the countryside. We even made the eunuch give her a blessed lucky charm.

What do you expect from a story that has
1. a female protagonist
2. somewhat medieval setting
3. countries that politically resemble the balkans
4. magic that is difficult to control and mostly exclusive to some areas
or should I ask the book thread instead?

Anonymous 4627


that's such a shame! i used to love ksbd, even bought the physical vol 1 and donated to the author's patreon. i guess i havent checked up on it in a while because i had no idea how disappointing it became :/

as for shitty webcomics, oh joy sex toy is hilariously awful

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