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You Anonymous 4518

Have you seen it (or read the books)?

Anonymous 4590

I thought it was entertaining enough, even though it was dumb as fuck in some places. A lot of the stalking was really unrealistic especially in [[current year]] where you can't just keep logging into accounts with a stolen phone on constantly changing wifi networks (considering she got a new phone and SIM so the old one would've been disabled).

Joe was such an incel.

A lot of it was also sheer dumb luck and made it hard to sustain disbelief. Beck was unlikeable to me but I guess that was the point of her character, because so many people in the aftermath of the show were reeeing about how she was a bad person cheating on her bf and being pretentious while that was done on purpose to highlight how little it takes for the audience to justify the actions of a stalker and serial killer.

Peach was fun and I wanted Beck to run off to Paris with her, except she, too, had to be an obsessed manipulator instead of just being a good friend and so it wouldn't have been an informed choice by Beck, just trading one stalker for another..

Anonymous 4619

The entire red ladle subplot was top kek, what amazing bullshit lmao

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