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Vic Mignogia Anonymous 4636

I want to talk about the Vic Stuff
Do you think hes Innocent and all this is blown out of proprtion? Or do you think he's Guilty and should be taken to court?

Anonymous 4637

I think he did it; good dub work though

Anonymous 4638


If you'd asked me a year ago I probably would have found it harder to believe.
I'm just glad I'm a massive weeb and prefer sub, so it wont ruin FMA for me.

Anonymous 4646

idk whats happened now but fuck this guy, hes been creepy with fans(esp young girls) for years im surprised it took this fucking long.

Anonymous 4647

Damn I wonder if they’re gonna get a new VA for Vishnal in RF4 Special now

Anonymous 4648

I believe the rumors that he's a handsy drama queen but I doubt he's done anything that would put him on a sex offender registry.

Anonymous 4649

Fuck vic. He's annoying as all hell and for some reason he's always voicing my favourite characters. there have been rumours about him for years so i'm suprised people are only acting now

Anonymous 4661

I can already tell that this thread is gonna be a shitshow. Please keep this in lolcow.

Anonymous 4662

thread has barely gotten a handful of replies and nobody has even bothered to reply to each other.

Yeah some "drama"

Anonymous 4671

When you said Vic I thought "who?" until I saw the pic related realized you were referring to that VA scandal from like last month. I guess when social media people twitter-cancel someone, sometimes they actually get canceled from my mind lel

Anyway, I think it could go either way. I was never into voice actor lives, so I know nothing about his character before this incident, but he could have easily done it all. I think the evidence is there, but not enough to go to trial over since none of the allegations seem airtight enough to survive "innocent until proven guilty".
However, I think that the reaction of all of these studios distancing themselves from him is more to protect themselves than actual concern.

Anonymous 4680


This. I'm old, I've been attending conventions and entrenched in weeb shit for nearly two decades, and everybody knows - and has known, for quite some time - that this man is a creeper.

If anything I'm shocked that the metoo wave has actually dealt out some consequences for this scumbag.

Anonymous 4682

>watching anime dubbed

Anonymous 4704

A bunch of VA's and Content Creators just pulled out of a con that has Vic as a guest.

Anonymous 4717

As always with these things, I'm going to wait until the real legal shit goes down before making any judgements.
Kinda sad if such a high-profile anime VA really did do any or all of what he's been accused of. Not a big fan of dubs in the first place, but I'm going to viciously separate Junpei and Ed in my mind from the actor if it ends up being true. I can't let go of my young teen years and fictional idol that easily.

Anonymous 4718

I like his dubs. Edward will always be my husband no matter what vic does though lol. I see a lot of people saying to pull the shows off of like Netflix and Hulu and like… fucking don't. Just because he's shitty doesn't mean you gotta pull a good show. I believe some of it is true but probably not all of it. He does seem kind of creepy ngl but god damn is his voice nice.

Anonymous 5032

Why do people believe he's been creepy with girls when no girls have ever come out to call him creepy?

You sad loveless bitches think hugs are sexual harassment?

Anonymous 5050


Post Vic lasagna's crimes itt

>Be Vic

>Get your hands on a jelly bean signed by Monica Rial
>Eat the bean
>Awkwardly sputter out to your friend of 20 years "Hey Monica, I've just eaten you."

I hope he rots in prison

Anonymous 5051

Are you new? Con-goers have been speaking about his creepy behavior for a decade.

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