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"Not many girls like Pink Floyd." Anonymous 4672

Some guy said this to me the other day. My immediate response was, "That can't be true." But then I realized I don't really talk to anyone anyway so I wouldn't really know. Y'all like Pink Floyd? Which song have you been into lately?

Anonymous 4673

I don't like Pink Floyd

Anonymous 4674


Pink Floyd is pretty popular among both genders. I see a bunch of girls wearing DSotM shirts on my campus.

>Y'all like Pink Floyd?

I like some of the albums, others are meh. Pic related is my favorite

> Which song have you been into lately?


Anonymous 4675


well, he's definitely wrong. i've met lots of girls who loved pink floyd, i'm one of them. my favourite song is the thin ice.

Anonymous 4676

Cant wait for boomers to go deaf so we no longer have to listen to rock.

Anonymous 4679

Ever heard of a thirty-year-old boomer?

Anonymous 4681

I downloaded their discography and saved only dsotm. Rest had not a single song worth saving. I don't know why but I watched the whole concert 'the wall' in Berlin (on VHS) and it was pleasant to watch.

Anonymous 4731


Heh. Girls don't talk to him about liking pink floyd because they want to avoid getting involved with him whatsoever.

>once convinced a boy I didn't like music, period

Anonymous 4746

Not really, after they do their little "oh my god how can you do that!" song and dance they'll start to believe you. That's when you say "I just listen to feminist history podcasts" for that extra razzle dazzle.

Anonymous 4747


I'm not super enthused about pink floyd but i'm pretty into 'music'. I even own (some) vinyl now, but i wouldn't go out of my way to talk to a man about it because men are always obnoxious about these things. I'm not surprised this happened to you. I just like to enjoy my 70s and 80s bands in peace. (some modern stuff too)

Anonymous 4757


Honestly, it's a meme with prog bands that no girls listen to them. Whilst it's maybe partly true, in recent years more women seem interested in prog music as it's more accessible.

Pic related, Rush is another band people always make jokes about for having a mainly male fanbase. Hell, the band even joke about it. Alex Lifeson even performed in the past with a legion of 'groupies' which were just a load of barbie dolls stuck to a base near his guitar pedals on stage.

Anonymous 4767

I used to be totally into 'The Wall' in high school because I felt like it paralled my inner circumstances. Now I haven't listened to it in ages.
>Which song have you been into lately?
A New Machine, Part I.
There's a "series" of quizzes on quotev that I've been into recently.(https://www.quotev.com/nbhere)
I'm trying to make a playlist for it, but haven't gotten any songs together yet. This is going to go on it.

Anonymous 4768

Anonymous 4778


Only really listened to Piper and Dark Side of the Moon. Lucifer Sam, Flaming, Bike, and Take Up Thy Stethoscope are my favourites

Anonymous 4780

I don't think I've skipped any. I wouldn't add but wish you were here is a good song.

Anonymous 4781

>Not many girls like thing
Guys like that aren't worth talking to lol

I discovered Pink Floyd because I borrowed some my dad's CDs back in high school instead of buying any new ones. I used the have the most cringeworthy "listen to the wall and cry"-phase back then.
My favourite songs are wish you were here and the great gig in the sky, but all of their music before Waters left is great. Gilmour is a really good guitarist, but sucks at writing lyrics unfortunately.

Anonymous 5047

I like Pink Floyd and prog rock in general. I have a couple female friends who like Floyd but I don't think I have any who are into Rush or Genesis or Can or anything like that.

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