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Anonymous 4853

Would be cool to share gems and geoduds excavated by fellow miners.

>Post the last song you listened to

>Loved it? Hated it? Utter apathy? Why?
>Myo - Komachi (29:05)
>A lot sparser than other chillwave releases
>Think sinking into a bathtub with faint sunlight illuminating white tiles polished yesterday

Anonymous 4885

are you ambient otaku?

Anonymous 4893

Not really, but this track's cool.

Anonymous 5046

This whole album is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

Not quite the last song I listened to, but here is some Future Sound of London to keep the chill mood going.

Anonymous 5048

Thanks for this too. It helped set the mood for the day.
An offering of onkyo for all the people stuck in inertia.

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