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Anonymous 4873

Anyone seeing this? I dont have Netflix so I have to wait until it comes out online. Movie itself looks a little too polished to look like a ZIM movie. The sky isn't even blood red.

Anonymous 4876

I follow Jhonen Vasquez on twitter and he's been working on it for a really long time, I am excited to see it when it comes out!

Anonymous 5257

I saw it, granted I didn't watch Invader Zim since, like, 2009 or 2010 at the very latest (wow), but to me it felt kind of like a regular episode, maybe with higher stakes.
That's a good thing, they didn't try changing much and it felt.. 'correct', I guess.
We do get a lot of focus on dr. membrane, but that's a good thing, he's great.
You're right, the art style looks less messy and disgusting and more clean and 'industry standard', but you get used to it fairly quickly and forget about it, it's fine.

It didn't leave a lasting impression on me (definitely not enough to participate in zim threads and sperg about it like I'm some sort of 13 year old holding up a spork), but it was fine.

Anonymous 5258


Did anyone else have a huge crush on him when they were younger

Anonymous 5267

I watched this movie with almost zero information of the Invader Zim show actually. I never had cartoon network in Canada, and all I've known of the show was that green dog.
Since the movie came out and a friend of mine is really into the show, she had me watch the first episode, then directly the movie.
Even with just that the movie was quite enjoyable and made me laugh a few times.

Anonymous 5296


Anonymous 5301


not anon but ima whiteknight em cause i kinda liked him too

Anonymous 5340


Loved it, the animation changes didn't bother me much because O figure it's normal for cartoons to get a bit of an art tweak when they get movies anyway. Would love a reboot series with that quality of writing. They brownwashed Dib though lol.

Anonymous 5533

Dib is canonically mexican…

Anonymous 5534

I do now.
He's still cute for an older guy.

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