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What Song Are You Listening to right now? MadisonLFC 4947

I was roaming YouTube then I came across this pretty cool video. Some guy went around NYC asking people what song they were listening to. I tried to guess some people before they answer and got one right. Videos pretty cool

Anonymous 4948


'Bad guy' by Billie Eilish

I overheard a group of guys saying "She make the kind of music for girls who want to be edgy but can't even ask for extra ketchup while ordering food" so I thought it was just the type of music for me…

So far, I'm really into it

Anonymous 4950

I don't understand her appeal. Her whole situation reminds me of Cara Delevingne and it makes me slightly resent her I guess. Rich parents that shoehorned her into the industry and now she's the next big thing. Ughh

Dom35 4951

Im listening to Monster - Nicki Minaj

This was a very cool video. I Ssbscribed and like

Anonymous 4953

Anonymous 4954

the idea of being "authentic" because you were a poor starving artist is a meme. it doesnt exist as almost all successful people became that way with help and connections. and it shouldnt affect how you view their music anyway. billy makes cool music and it isnt diminished by who likes her (or doesnt) or who backed her

Anonymous 4956

It's peer-reviewed, compartmentalised think-tank garbage. Music comes from the soul of an artisan, not a committee devoted to selling an earworm so that they can make more money.

Anonymous 4957

Nobody listening to Eminem FeelsBadMan

Anonymous 4958

>It's peer-reviewed, compartmentalised think-tank garbage
its not, its written by her and her brother
>Music comes from the soul of an artisan, not a committee devoted to selling an earworm so that they can make more money
the merit of music is not based on where it comes from its based on how it sounds

end yourself you contrarian le wrong generation poohead

Anonymous 4959

Yes, and McDonald's all-beef patties come from a farm of love. Give it a rest. Did I say anything about merit? No. It's meant to sell, by sounding catchy. Some poor bum with a guitar is at least trying to please people on-the-go with what he makes up on the spot. This is just packing on the paper. Jump into a meat grinder, scum.

Anonymous 4960

How did everything go from what song we're listening to, to all this hostility …..

Anonymous 4961

calling it garbage is a comment on its merit. you dont like it because its popular

Anonymous 4962

You can't even recognize who you're quoting. Says a lot about conformity!

Anonymous 4963

Anonymous 4964

>Says a lot about conformity!
being a non-conformist for the sake of being a non-conformist is being a conformist you hipster. actually say what is bad about the music itself or BEGONE

Anonymous 4965

I've already said it, numbskull. It's easily consumable garbage meant to clog your memory banks and get you to pay money over and over again. There is no love in it, only business. Keep following the tide, slave.

Anonymous 4966

Currently playing Fergie - Big Girls Dont Cry.

Video is dope. I was close on one of my guesses.

Anonymous 4967

and not a single mention of the actual music itself. wow good critique

Anonymous 4968

He should do more videos like this, ending was funny asl

Anonymous 4969

The music we're arguing over in the first place. Do you think your pilpul is amusing? It's lame.

Anonymous 4970

LOLOL That weed guy. New York doesn't legalize marijuana. How does he get to sell that

Anonymous 4971

because pitbul sounds bad and is not creative. billy eilishes music sounds good, is obviously creative and interesting. she has money behind her that is your criticism and it doesnt hold up. someone being backed by the "establishment" is only a negative if they have a fake persona of being anti establishment. her music is obviously about feeling of teen girls and cool production. you cant tell me that you the beats she uses on bad guy, crown and bury a friend lack creativity

Anonymous 4972

NTA but her music is pretty mediocre, but then again I’m not the target audience

Anonymous 4973

That first guy in the video is the epitome of NY crackheads

Anonymous 4974

I stan that girl listening to BTS

Anonymous 4975

No way that guy said Drake when it was Kendrick Lamar. How don't people know what they're listening to

Anonymous 4976

It's earworm music meant to stimulate your head with bass rather than actually entice you. Incomplete and repeated melodies keep you tied to the song rather than actually making a proper memory of it. Not only that, but it's using the same "popular" cliches as every other unoriginal artist does these days. It's Invisible Touch to Selling England By The Pound. Pure pop trash. Can't you understand that?

Anonymous 4977

That girl listening to Tyler was cute af. Pretty chill video. Good shit

Anonymous 4978

Nav - Tap

I expected at least one Lil Uzi in NY

Anonymous 4979

>bass is bad because it "stimulates your head" instead of "enticing you"
this is a nonsense statement. literally meaningless
>Incomplete and repeated melodies keep you tied to the song rather than actually making a proper memory of it
many of the high IQ classics you listen to also repeat melodies or have simple melodies. only 15 year old fedora tippers think complexity = quality and simplicity = bad. also "tied to the song rather than actually making a proper memory of it" is another nosence statement…
>using the same "popular" cliches as every other unoriginal artist does these days
its pretty obvious to someone who actually listens to music how she differentiates from alot of other artists in her lane. and even if she was just doing what everyone else was doing, something doesnt have to be original to be worth while. again, Im sure the music you listen to is less orginal that you think. especially if you listen to old music, if you were around back then you would see the oversaturation of what you like
>Pure pop trash
again. youre a contrarian le wrong generation hipster. only children who want to seem cool hate on pop

Anonymous 4980

Aye she was listening to BTS, she's lit

Anonymous 4982

does everyone go through a pop-hating phase?

Anonymous 4983

tbh I'm >>4950 (and nobody else in the thread) and I don't hate pop in the slightest
I just don't get the appeal of a white girl that grew up privileged but now she talks like a nigger and dresses like a 90's rapper and all the teenagers love her ohh my god deep lyrics. Now I sound like an sjw obsessed with culture appropriation when I read it but I'm really not, shit just throws me off in her case.
I suppose I'm just not her audience, I can already see her crashing and burning in a couple of years and dying from a drug overdose and that kind of attitude just doesn't appeal to me.
I also might really be sick of her and her singing style because my younger sis plays her music from time to time. Only song I kinda liked was Xanny but I don't believe for a second that she's not a fucking druggie that lives a degenerate lifestyle judging from how she acts and talks. I guess I see her as a hypocrite.

Anonymous 4984

Anonymous 4985

>you can't despise pop or else you are a strawman
Seriously, though. It's the equivalent of cheap clothes or fast food. The fact you share no shame in it, and won't even bother with something more complex despite having access just makes you more and more worthy of incineration.

Anonymous 4986

if youre dumb enough to "despise" any form of music, or look down on a whole genre in general then yes, you are a strawman. if you think people should be ashamed of taste in music they yes you are a strawman

and I listen to a variety of music. I go into music with an open mind, free from prejudice or fear of my hipster friends not thinking Im cool. I probably listen to higher IQ and more avant garde music then you, but I dont think one is better than the other, or feel superior to others for it. grow up kiddo

Anonymous 4987

That's not what a strawman means in the slightest. God, why do I have to be arguing with someone like you. The fact you're just prancing on saying the generic "I like it all" phrase like you're some omniscient being listening to the latest sounds of the distant universe just radiates your post with inhumility. I'm not so much calling myself smart as I'm calling you dumb. Please, please listen to something more complex than the top 40. I beg you.

Anonymous 4988

pic is you. doing those things makes you the SPECIFIC strawman Im calling you, Im not miss using the work strawman, youre unable to understand basic sentance structure and context. as I said, I dont "listen to the top 40", I listen to a variety of music. I dont see how that can "radiate my post with inhumility" but trying to make out like you have patrician taste for not liking something for the sole reason its popular, not based on the actual merit of it doesnt make you "inhumble". and its very clear you think your opinion makes you smart as its the sole reason someone would hold that opinion. on the other hand, it is literally impossible that the act of enjoying something can make someone dumb

and as far as I can tell you havent even posted what youre listening to today so I can only assume (and hope) youre here to troll and all of this was fake

Anonymous 4990

Can you stop misusing the >quote "features"?
She literally said none of what you've >"quoted" and it makes this whole discussion look even more stupid than it is, thank you.

Anonymous 4991

Except the whole point of a strawman is that it's something you're making up to debase my argument. Quit imagining people as caricatures to destroy on print. Do yourself a favour and don't be so insecure at my criticism.
None of your business.

Anonymous 4992

you a caricature. the epitome of a pseudo intellectual teen who belittles others to seem smart. you havent made a single actual criticism in this thread. you hate it because its popular while making no comment on the actual music. Im not going to reply to you anymore. I hope you grow up

Anonymous 4993

>the epitome of a pseudo intellectual teen who belittles others to seem smart
That's a strawman.
>you havent made a single actual criticism in this thread
Also a strawman. Try to actually look at what I'm saying, okay. Peer-reviewed mass-appeal bass-heavy incomplete trash. Remember that?

Anonymous 4994

a strawman that represents you perfectly. you are a living strawman
>Peer-reviewed mass-appeal
so "its popular"? not a valid criticism
there is nothing wrong with bass. this isnt a valid criticism
what does that even mean? not valid criticism
obviously not a valid criticism

0/4 okay this really is my last reply now

Anonymous 4995

>a strawman that represents you perfectly
Or so you wish.
>so it's popular
Designed to be popular. Practically scientifically proven to be infectious to the mind, like an earworm.
>there is nothing wrong with bass
There is everything wrong when you rely on it to massage and basically drug the listener with what's basically the equivalent to "giving you a hand".
>what does that mean
Incomplete melody that you're meant to obsess over and basically worm into your ear. Hence the term "earworm". This is also why pop songs fade out instead of actually having a fucking ending. Keep your promise!

Anonymous 4996

What the fuck is "None of your business." meant to mean when you're publicly shitflinging on an anonymous imageboard?
LMAO learn to write a persuasive argument or you'll just keep embarrassing yourself for years to come.

Anonymous 5014


Beatles - I Am The Walrus. Is it just me or is pic rel actually one of their top albums?

Anonymous 5016

Anonymous 5018

Anonymous 5019

junky - brockhampton

Anonymous 5072

let her go by strawberry switchblade. they also do a real cool cover of jolene

Anonymous 5073

Anonymous 18174

Anonymous 18361

Anonymous 18364

i know this is a year old but i love strawberry switchblade…here’s one of my favorites by them

Anonymous 18366

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