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>tfw no Barry bf Anonymous 5021

>older socially awkward man
>looks kind of like the sole of a shoe but in a hot way
>immediately accepted and invited to social gatherings, but doesn't enjoy them
>doesn't fuck Stacy even though he could, only does so once he gets to know her more
>accepts Stacy despite her selfishness
>gets rejected and humiliated in public, takes it in stride
>knows he can't act, puts himself out there anyway
>kills people but not me

>tfw no Barry bf to protect from Stacies

>tfw no Barry bf to stitch up in the bathroom before riding or blowing him where he sits
>tfw no Barry bf to start new life with
>tfw no Barry bf ;_;

Anonymous 5022

What is Barry from?

Anonymous 5025


barry 5026

u ok op

Anonymous 5027


lol I know my answer was unhelpful but it's the title of the show

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