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Stranger Things Anonymous 5068

Anyone watch S3 yet?

I really hate how Hopper gets progressively more violent, belligerent and alcoholic until he dies an unnecessary death. Robin and the other girls were really cute and I liked the dynamic way better than when it was boy gang + one androgynous girl.

I couldn't care less about Will and Jonathan. I wish Nancy would find something better to do than run around with wimpy guys as if she needs them to solve shit.

Alexei RIP ;_;

I liked S3 better than S2 which bored me, but overall I really think they should have just called it a day after the first season. It would have stood on its own really nicely.

Anonymous 5069

Season 2 was such trash I'm surprised anyone even wanted to watch 3.

Season 1 was pretty cool though

Anonymous 5074

just finished watching it. I liked it way more than season 2, and I thought robin was great, but it had alot of problems too

mostly stemming from there being too many characters (even if I loved robin). it forced them to have 4 or 5 simultaneous plot lines to not make it feel crowded. because there were so many seperate stories it meant none of them could be particularly complex, so we got very simple linear stories, which removed alot of the fun mystery elements from S1. the whole russian thing felt very lazy too.

I think instead of "ebil russians make bib monster XD" they should have delved into the lore of the upsidown and what the monsters actually are, you know?

the fact there were so many characters also meant that no one really got any real character development. instead we got cheesy cringe teen romance sub plots which I could really do without lol. also the tone was pretty fucked. serious moments ruined by injecting said teen romance. or worse "comic relief". like the annoying black child, among other things

also Im pretty sure hopper is alive in the end

Anonymous 5077

I agree so much on the russians thing. the lore of the upside down and the monsters would've been far more interesting

Anonymous 5078

I thought it was a pretty good season, nothing like season 1 but I doubt they'll ever be able to top that. I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the season and how unapologetically 80s it was. I agree on the Hopper thing, he spent the entire season yelling and throwing punches. I even thought he had a monster of some kind in him at points. I'm pissed he died before we got the Joyce/Hopper thing made official. I've 'shipped' them since day 1. I loved Robin and the scenes with El and the redhead girl (forgot her name). It was nice to see since at the end of s2 they we'ren't friends at all

omg Alexei :( I loved him

I enjoyed this season more than 2 (which I barely remember) but that might just be because it's fresh in my mind. for me s1 > s3 > s2

Anonymous 5088

I was thinking about this some more and how I would "fix" this season
>cut the nancy and johnathanplot line, saying theyd gone to college or something
>cut the russians and just have the door opened by the monster
>el, frog boy, black boy and ginger girl get trapped in the upside down. their main antagonist is the mindfalyer and they investigate the deepest lore(tm) of the upside down and the monsters
>steve-o, dustin, robin and will are in the overworld, in direct contact with team el basically being their support and also comic relief. the black girl is erased from the show. their main antagonist can be billy
>joyce and hopper are trying to save the kids while also dealing with the death of bob from s2 and hopper is hopper dealing with thinking he may lose a second daughter etc. idk who their antagonist is??

what do you think?

Anonymous 5093

I think Nancy and Jonathan need to split. Nancy is an interesting character but she only ever gets to do stuff that has to do with her boyfriends, instead I'd love to see her be more independent. Or maybe hook up with Robin

Anonymous 5094

I feel like it's almost a different show now because in the first season what really interested me was the upside down with all the weird atmosphere and electricity and now it's basically huge-ass monsters and action.

Anonymous 5216

I love season 1, I've seen it three times now.
Season 2 was okay, seen it twice now. Great character development.

Half way through season 3. It all seems so forced now, and they're riding on the 80's nostalgia train and using cheap gags (like how the supposed Russian spy was just a dude teaching a dance class cue 15 second shot of asses). Things just feel so half-assed, as if Netflix was just like "FINE we'll make a tHIRd sEASON GOSH"

I really. REALLY. hope it picks up after episode 5.

Anonymous 5236

Season 1 was great.
Season 2 was very disappointing. It had pretty much the exact same story as 1.
I didn't have enough interest to even try 3.

Anonymous 5238

Oh, look, it's the exact post I was about to make.

Anonymous 5251


Idk I loved 3. It was my favourite so far. I loved Alexi the Smirnoff and I loved the way Copper is frustrated by Mike. Also loved the way they handled Dustin-Robin-Steve.
Also loved the way they reflected young dating scene at the time, when some people just wanna stay children and the others dont get it.

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