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Give me nice films Anonymous 5175

I need desperately need recommendations for wholesome films! I’ve been watching too many psychological thrillers that treat women like shit lately

Basically ghibli-esque but not just anime

Anonymous 5176

wes anderson movies are pretty comfy. I had a list of lots of films but theyre on my old harddrive and I have a very bad memory :(

Anonymous 5177


Anonymous 5178


My go-to pick for a wholesome film that's not animated.

Anonymous 5179


13 going on 30, the parent trap, it’s complicated, the princess diaries, and rewatching the sex and the city series are my comfy movies

Anonymous 5180


Some wholesome movies I remember

- Happy Go Lucky
- The Grand Budapest Hotel and other Wes Anderson films as another anon mentioned
- Harold and Maude
- Kedi (documentary about street cats in Istanbul)
- Les Intouchables
- Napoleon Dynamite

Anonymous 5181

I’ve seen Kedi, it’s so adorable

Anonymous 5182


Penelope, Uptown Girls, and Legally Blonde are some of my go-tos for comfy movies.

Anonymous 5183

Swing Girls

Wood Job!

I find these comfy and wholesome, and I always recommend these 2 because I want to share good vibes with all anons.

Anonymous 5184


i've been binge watching unsolved mysteries on youtube recently. kind of comfy kind of scary.

my go-tos are anything with winona ryder, brittany murphy, fockin sandy bullocks and some docudramas about english royalty. the favorite was good.
pic unrelated

Anonymous 5185

Fairy Tale: A True Story

Ignore the dumb voiceover on this trailer, it's a really beautifully-made and poignant film. one of my fav comfort movies for almost my entire life.

Anonymous 5193

Nice radio telescope.

Anonymous 5209


Trailer (recommend not watching)

Absolute kino

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