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crystal.cafe cyber community Anonymous Admin 540

(for lack of a better term…)

Inspired by this thread >>>/media/216, we have recently announced free subdomains for your website or blog. Now we've decided to go a step further and offer the hosting too!
In addition, crystal.cafe will open a board dedicated to creating and discussing your websites.
As we develop this service, there will be limited slots available for testing. In order to qualify, you have to be able to create your own HTML/CSS pages self-sufficiently. If you'd like to join, please apply by sending an email to [email protected] and telling us a bit about your experience or one of your projects. Thank you!

Anonymous 541


This is great. Thanks Admin-sama

Anonymous 623

What kinds of pages would users like to see? I don't have a lot of free time on my hands, but I'd like to apply for a page that would benefit the community.

Old school graphics page with banners and stuff for your subdomain?

Adoptables page?


Anonymous 659

I think small tutorials would be really nice, like the old websites where you'd get code snippets and instructions on how to use them?

Anonymous 660

Oooh I like it! Maybe I'll try making a cute introduction to programming class or something. Seems like a lot of gal pals are trying to get into programming lately, it'd be nice to help out.

Anonymous 871

>gal pals
Hi Christine, how's the unclit?

jk obviously

I'd be interested in this, it would be nice if there was also a space to ask questions. I sometimes try asking on /g/ but they usually don't know and just call everyone a retard indiscriminately.

Anonymous 892

lmao nice catch

Anonymous 903

Can we get an update or something on this? Did anyone actually join, how's it going?

Anonymous 936

>>903 I have a sub domain but I have yet to do anything with it. I was going to write a small EP for crystal cafe and have a cute page with the audio but I'm scared lol

If you want a sub domain ask admin! You just have to write the files yourself and send it to her and she'll pop it up (no uploader ATM, but IMO that's the best idea)

Anonymous 946

I have a subdomain and a placeholder page. I don't know what to do with it tbh.

Anonymous 1156

Please don't be scared anon, you can do it.

I'd like to see the end result when you're finsihed

Anonymous 1165

>>1156 Thank you <3 I will probably post here when it's done so people can see examples of what you can do with the subdomain.

Really thank you anon, this is the motivation I needed <3

Anonymous 1685

It's been a couple of months since I've been able to kick around on the cafe. Any progress being made with these sites?
I believe I had a subdomain chosen but I barely remember what I was planning on throwing together. Probably a cyberpunk aesthetic page (like there aren't enough of those on the internet yet)

Anonymous 1908


I can help as well if you need assistance.

Anonymous 2556


I know it's been a while, but is there a list of the subdomains that I can check out? I'm interested in asking for one and checking out what my would-be sister subdomains are like would be interesting

Also I'd be up for helping anyone out when it comes to coding (HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP)

Anonymous 4044

Bumping this in case it's an option for anyone leaving Tumblr!

Anonymous 4182

I recommend a site like neocities.org, it runs like geocities.org and it's free, you can even see their source code or runs it local/remotely (open source). This way much safer, no server side affects, HTML/CSS and JavaScript are the base knowledge. Statics website.

Running your own instance is… Fine. You may have to contact them (self assumed).

Anonymous 5609

has anyone used this yet?? i want to see peoples sites

Anonymous 6403


Anonymous 20773


Old thread but I'm wondering if subdomain hosting is still available?

Anonymous 20780

nta but I also suggest neocities, I even pay for the full version its pretty decent for my silly website needs, but ofc Im not sure what your own situation is. Good luck with your site anon! <3

Regarding OPs 4 year old thread, I'd love to get invloved if this is still active or ongoing? kek where should I go look? Sorry for spoonfeed request, cant find info and want to make minergirl+cece visual scene with hover animations before I die

Anonymous 20788

Le necro skullbump

Anonymous 20801

>>20780 I've been using neocities for a while now, just wondering if I could get a subdomain from crystal.cafe if possible. But maybe I should subscribe to supporters at some point.

Anonymous 25867

I know this thread is ancient but can what about a crystal.cafe webring? I have my own domains and I know there's nonas on neocities

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