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Another #metoo Victim Anonymous 5524

>I knew that, if successful, I would be committing myself to a few days, maybe a week, of an extremely stressful public performance. But my curiosity compelled me to continue. Soon I had finished the posts, sent them off to trusted friends (one male and one female) to see how they would be received, and, with their approval, published at a time when I knew people were checking their phones. The thread would indeed become minorly viral, and a small media spectacle ensued; I spent the next few days absorbed in a dizzying microcosm of journalists, skeptics, sympathizers, and other alleged victims, anxiously, almost compulsively, talking to them on the phone and in text at all hours. They all seemed to regard me as some kind of leader — an architect of their catharsis from our collective trauma — and my thread as the apotheosis of a brave, restorative justice. Then, as suddenly as it had happened, it all vanished, eclipsed as the news cycle moved onto the next story.


What do you think? I thought it was an incisive look at the commodification of trauma inside ostensibly feminist media.

Anonymous 5525

a flood of entirely female journalists contacted me, all wanting the exclusive right to “tell my story” under the pretenses of helping some nebulous, overarching feminist cause.

I lol'd

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