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Anonymous 5530

why do 14 year old girls obsess over characters like this

Anonymous 5531

14 is that age where you start developing a weird interest in obscure fan communities for cartoon shows/anime because you just now got a grasp on how to explore the internet.

Anonymous 5532

Baby's First Bad Boy (for nerdy girls!).
I used to like characters like that, but it was more about me wanting to be the character than be with them. Which is just as edgy if not worse.

Anonymous 5536


brings me back

Anonymous 5537

what character did u wanna be Anon-kun?
was it… Itachi Uchiha?
bruh I know a girl with an Itachi wallpaper for her phone, I personally would never full weeb have an anime character as my background but I was like aw yeah I remember loving naruto.

Kakashi is bae!

Anonymous 5538

What did ya'll think of hazbin tho?

Anonymous 5539

Durarara was 2edgy4me.

Anonymous 5543

plenty enough edge for fourteen-year-old me. it has a decent ost.

Anonymous 5547

Uhh Kakashi is still one of my all time favs.

Also good is Toshiro Hitsugaya, Dante from DMC3, Heine from Dogs, Oni Link…

I love some egdy, but I also like the badass or the silent badass.

Hoozuki, Grimjow, the medicin Seller from mononoke I could go on and on and on. I have a problem…

Anonymous 5567

It was ok I guess. The style of humor and the characters didn't really do anything for me.

Anonymous 5581

You fake weebs will know my wrath. Anime wallpaper or die binch.

Anonymous 5583

My phone's wallpaper is from a Japan-only otome game that I haven't even played lol.

Anonymous 18858


Look up "Tumblr Sexymen"

Anonymous 18950

where is komaeda :(

Anonymous 18953

I loved Albedo from Xenosaga at that age. He was batshit crazy but at least he looked like a normal bishounen.

Anonymous 18968

I think it's cool that she made such a polished cartoon but I didn't really find it funny. Charlie is very cute though

Anonymous 19063

See also Snatcher from A Hat in Time

Anonymous 19205


There is a video on this.
Essentially, young female (or sometimes genderspecial) tumblr fandoms would go rabid with lust for this type of character. This video breaks down the traits and sources and talks about it.

Anonymous 19206


My sister is 14 and shes obsessed with this guy from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. I'm trying to word this without sounding weird, but I think his character design was specifically made to appeal to young koreaboo types

He looks like what I imagine Commander Saturn looked like in his teen years

Anonymous 19207

I’m still pissed they chose shitty Barbie movie 3-D animation style over the cutesy anime 2-D style they originally had planned for the show.

Anonymous 19343

i find that stupidly adorable
kinda reminds me of myself when i was like 11/12 and was obsessing over a certain mario character…

Anonymous 19344


How old was the Onceler fandom?

Anonymous 19350


Does Takarada count?

Anonymous 19364

>a certain mario character…

Anonymous 19378

That would be adorable tbh

Anonymous 19820

I believe that girls are obsessed and attracted to characters like these because:


>bad boy
>out of the ordinary
>broken were girls feel sympathetic towards them

There is a similar case like this but with real life murderers where girls draw fanart of them and send fan letters. It's really off-putting to say the least.

Anonymous 20068

Vivzie is good at making likeable characters but not good at writing stories so I'm both excited and disappointed by the prospect of Hazbin Hotel.

Anonymous 20069

It's easy to like a dapper twink and him having an edgy side makes things spicy.

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