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Clannad Thread Anonymous 5540

I am watching this anime for the first time, and I am not all the way through it. This anime has touched my soul in a way i thought not possible. It has made me feel so happy, and it has made me feel so sad. When i watch it i almost feel like i am entering another life, I am not sure how to describe it. Are there any girls here that also like Clannad?

Anonymous 5544


Key is great. I recommend reading or watching Kanon next, it's not quite as good as Clannad but it's perfect for winter.

Anonymous 5545

I will look into it, however I am not even all the way done with Clannad, I could not get past the episode where Okisake finally proposed his love to Nagisa. I felt so happy for them, but at the same time i felt so alone, it just tore my soul in two.

I know that the story doesn't end well, but that is the case for almost all lives, the ending is cold and dark.. And I think that makes it feel more real than anything.

I just wish i could meet someone at the foot of the hill. I know its cliche and selfish.. but i do.

Anonymous 5551

Clannad is indeed Key's masterpiece, even though Litte Busters (the VN, not the show) is also great. It is also my favorite Kyoani show, and Kyoani is my favorite studio!

Anyone else played Planetarian? It's only four hours long and it's very good.

Anonymous 5557

I just looked up both of those titles, they look really cool. I really like this studio, the things that they have made have impacted my life and made me feel things real life did not.

Anonymous 5579

Answering from the couple thread.
Yeah, that's pretty much me. I think both Kyou and Tomoyo make a better couple for Tomoya. Kotomi would also be a great choice IMO. I mean no disrespect toward Nagisa, I can relate a lot with her being an unhealthy plain, shy girl trying to do her best in the middle of gorgeous ladies, but it's just that I loved Tomoyo and Kyou too much and they could at least find someone at the end.
I wish they could make a show about the other routes too, kinda like they did with Higurasho, I loved the specials though.

Anonymous 5580


Yes. Nagisa was such a wonderful person and in the beginning she was the one that brought color to Tomoya's life. She was always so dumb, but that was because her mind was in another world.

Can I propose something? Maybe all of this is wrong, maybe choosing one over the other is what is truly the error here. All of these girls, Nagisa, Kotomi, Ryou, Tomoyo, Fuko, and Kyou They all loved Tomoya. And, to an extent, Tomoya loved them. When they were in the drama club they could all hang out and have fun together, and at times it was best for him to spend time with one over the other. When He was messing around, it was best for him to be around Kyou. When he wanted to have some peace it was best for him to be around Kotomi. When he wanted to take a walk Nagisa. and so on. Maybe he should have been with all the girls, loving all of them like some sort of polygamy. Then they would all be happy. If they weren't jealous and they were able to share, that would be the very best situation.

That said… They did fight over him a lot, like when they all made food and what-not.. so maybe the only one that would not be happy in this scenario is Tomoya, because he would have to keep up a balancing act all the time.

I know this is not a popular way of thinking, but after sitting down and thinking really hard I couldn't decide which one to pick, so instead i decided to pick another form of ideals, and a new view on romantic love.

Anonymous 5584


>maybe choosing one over the other is what is truly the error her
The first time I played Clannad I fell on a bad route because I tried to make every girl's route at the same time. It's not like I was trying some harem route or anything like that, it's just that I felt like by not chosing them I was being mean making them sad. Autistic, I know, they don't exist, but I'm too sensitive to not do my best to make such nice girls happy.

Shows and games like Clannad are for me the sweetest and most hazardous drugs. Being in a world of wonderful boys and girls (both on looks and personality) reminds me how much reallity is bad when I have to deal with it even though when I'm watching I feel great.

There's a bromance route on the VN where Tomoya chooses Sunohara. I would kill to have a bf like him, he's just so pretty

Anonymous 5603

Did you finish, OP?

Anonymous 5613


No I did not. And I doubt I will for some time, Because I found someone to watch it with. This way if I start to feel sad I can turn to them, and if I feel happy I can feel it with them.

Anonymous 5758

You got me to pick up Clannad again, and I was surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. I originally started watching it when I was in high school and found it kind of boring and too moe for my tastes, but now around ten years later, I’m really liking it. The romance is really sweet and I find Nagisa really relatable.


That’s sweet, anon. Hope you find your happiness with this person!

Anonymous 6212


anybody feel like watching this with somebody?

Anonymous 6428

i love clannad so much. it kind of gets a bad rap if you're in sufficiently elitist circles but for me it's one of my top fav animes which i never get to talk about ..! i love all the girls, too, but nagisa and her bond with tomoya is my favourite.

i relate so much to tomoya's trauma, sadness and yearning for family that it always makes me bawl. tomoya having slightly more development as a protag than your usual bland harem lead elevates it above the rest of the genre, in my opinion.

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