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Anonymous 5668

What's your top anime of the decade, miners? Pic related for me.

Anonymous 5669

gon and killua.png

Madoka Magica was one of the best this decade for me too

My number one pick would definitely be Hunter x Hunter 2011, closely followed by 3-gatsu no Lion and Mob pyscho 100

Anonymous 5670


My favorite is Penguindrum. 2011 was a great year for anime.

Anonymous 5671


Early 2010s had some good shit. For me its Aku no Hana. Rarely do we get slice of life female protagonists that feel as genuine as she did. Season 2 never.

Anonymous 5679


I have never felt more comfy while watching Hidamari Sketch.

Anonymous 5680

Was about to say my favorite anime of the decade was K-ON!, but I just realized it was a 2009 anime.
Guess I'll have to agree with OP and >>5670

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