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Anonymous 5683

>Anime begins by talking about the about those with talent and those without
>Main character struggles regardless and evnetually becomes stronger
>This is all in vain however becuase the main character just inherits unlimited power in retardedly short amount of time
>One character is left around as reminder of what the mc could have been

Fuck my hero academia and fuck naruto tbh

Anonymous 5684

That is what you get for watching Japanese cartoons targeted towards 13 year old boys

Anonymous 5689

True that those two manga fail spectacularly at this lol.
Rock Lee , embodiment of that concept, even loses almost all his battles, gotta have ninja jesus prophecy to do anything I guess

Anonymous 6030

I kept reading the manga despite this nonsense and all the asspulls that the author was throwing around, because I really liked the League of Villains more than the 1A class, but the moment they gave the loser kid a second power I dropped it.

Anonymous 6043

It's actually a pretty good lesson, even if unintentionally. All our ideals about equality and hard work always crumble in the face of reality, where birth privilege and genetic advantages are king.

Anonymous 6053

just stop watching dumb shounen and watch TTGL

Anonymous 6279

Watch Hunter x Hunter, Gon stays weak as shit for a long time.

Anonymous 6300


>reality, where birth privilege and genetic advantages are king.
Bow to the monolith of random chance.

Anonymous 24359

Genes are not entirely random. Naruto's had good genes.
Deku has no genetic advantage. Although he just had his powers handed to him on a silver platter.

Anonymous 24361

One Piece.png

>OP moral is that chasing your dreams and protecting your friends is more important than anything else
>protag is still chasing his dream and protecting his friends

OP gang rise up

Anonymous 24362

Pretty sure the moral is that if you don't work hard it doesn't matter what genetic advantages, or in other words.

Advantage plus hard work > advantage > hard work

Anonymous 24363

>reading/watching shonenshit
The only acceptable shonen series is pre-part 7 JoJo

What is this tranny shit you just posted?

Anonymous 24364

Best shounen anime right here. Seen all 1000+ episodes and still looking forward to more

Anonymous 24365

She’s the bimbo queen and she’s a born woman you asshole.

Anonymous 24366

Even if it's an actual woman it's porn/fetish shit

Anonymous 24368

A woman existing is not a fetish. It is men who corrupt female bodies in their impure minds. There’s nothing more sexual about her than any other woman, despite what moidcoomers would have you believe.

Anonymous 24371

Look I'm not blaming women (biological female genitals XX chromosome having women, obviously) for being influenced into doing fetish shit for scrotes, but that post plus the random porn pic usage were weird as fuck. Also I called it tranny shit because trannies are obsessed with bimbo fetish shit.
>A woman existing is not a fetish.
>There’s nothing more sexual about her than any other woman, despite what moidcoomers would have you believe.
OK, now your post is suspicious. I literally never said that women existing is a fetish, but that's not just a woman existing, it's an actual porn actress, another victim of the porn industry. There's no need to defend porn (not porn actresses mind you, they are not at fault). Some of the posts in this thread were definitely made by scrotes.

Anonymous 24372

I made that post and idgaf if you think it's suspicious. Just because you're obsessed with mentally ill moids doesn't mean everything a woman does is about trannies. Jesus. Nor is every image of a woman with plastic surgery suddenly "porn." It is the influence of male society which causes you to see things that way.

Anonymous 24377


>Nor is every image of a woman with plastic surgery suddenly "porn." It is the influence of male society which causes you to see things that way.
No, the person in the pic you posted literally is a porn actress. This is what I got from just a reverse image search and a simple google search. Are you legit retarded?
Oh no, wait, you're probably a scrote.

Anonymous 24428

I would've said this didn't age well. But I'm pretty sure this post was made after the recent reveals

Anonymous 24435


Explains why most anime is not worth watching. The most popular shit is always targeted at young moids with it's muh genes shit.
he's still hot though lol sorry
That post was made a year ago, the anon that was replying to you was probably not the op, although both are moids I assume.

Anonymous 24436

Oh and to add, I feel like those animes would be way better if they simply weren't targeted at moids.

Anonymous 24440

All anime is instantly better when it's not aimed at males, kek. The most obvious example is in isekai, even moids admit that female-oriented isekai with female protagonists is infinitely better.

Anonymous 24444

All media tbh

Anonymous 24446

I agree lol I'm just sad at all the potential lost of what could have been great and more interesting anime/manga if it didn't have moids as the target audience, or better yet if it didn't have target audience at all, because some of the female oriented stuff even if more watchable is still a bit… off? I do generally prefer male oriented media tbh. Maybe because it's the majority.
But having no target audience and anime doing its own thing is pretty unobtainable I guess, if you want your anime to be popular you need to have a target audience, otherwise it will have a cult following at most.

Anonymous 24450

I don't understand. Are you trying to imply that One Piece at any point has violated it's moral of pursue your dreams and take care of your friends? There's nothing revealed in the last 1047 chapters that violates this moral.

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