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starting to read books again Anonymous 5734

i want to start reading books again. the internet broke my brain and attention span. i used to read so much and i miss it. i've been able to read self-help books, but they are easy to read a little bit at a time and put down. i feel so dumb.

>have you successfully conquered this problem? how did you do it?

Anonymous 5735


I love to read. I feel like the internet has broken my brain too. I know the house I live in is too large for me and I don’t like to go upstairs to create art or read around noise so I end up in the living room while the tv plays on my iPad.
I do schedule time to read before bed. That’s how I got over not reading.
But I also try to use screen time on my iPad to limit my iPad use though it hasn’t really been working too well.

Anonymous 5740


yeah, i just need to get over the discomfort of it. i think i get frustrated/ashamed when my attention runs dry while reading a physical book. only way to do that is exposure, i guess.

Anonymous 5742

I find that setting some time aside helps. Also, I’m a librarian technician and I promise the only thing that matters is that you read. Like YA and are 80 years old? That’s awesome! Like trashy romance and/or smut? That’s great too! Just find something that you love and you’re doing great. Not everyone loves Dostoyevsky or Dickens. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
I found that reading some YA between heavier literature helps, too.

Anonymous 5743

I've been trying to fix my internet-fried brain and what works for me is reading non-fiction and literary short stories because they're easy to pick up and put down. I feel a lot more motivated to read if I only have to read little chunks at a time.

Anonymous 5744

Oh what type of genre of short stories do you like? I can totally recommend some (I’m the library tech) lol

Anonymous 6835


I just want to read into religion again because I feel empty deep inside but I can't get into long words because of my autism. So I found a manga that exactly what I'm looking for but.. they're not available for purchase on physical papers. How do I get the books for free so that I can check it out without contributing to the organized religion's fund?

Anonymous 6840

youre able to watch tv series right? reading isnt much different in the end. both are just forms of processing information and people should stop talking about reading like theres something more special in written words than heard ones. overall people should stop acting like certain hobbies are more for certain types of people and come to them naturally (in this case, reading coming naturally to intelligent people). everything is in the end much simpler than youd think. quit putting reading on a pedestal.

i for one used to be a slow reader, jumping back and forth anxious of not having processed the read information as well as i should have. this is because i didnt trust myself to be a person intelligent enough to read at a fast speed. now that i have begun to belittle literature, however, its just like watching a movie.

Anonymous 6843

I started putting tons of books on my ipad and phone to read. It kinda feels like I am reading a webpage and is easier to get into as it feels similar to other things I read daily. I like paper books but I do think people fetishize them too much as a way to show how smart they are. I also listen to audiobooks a lot while doing boring everyday tasks.

Anonymous 7126


Check out a few books in similar genres that you used to read (google the term "similar to _) from the library or book store. If you watch anime read the manga for a series you like. If you need deadlines write down goals like a chapter a day and a summary. Dont force yourself to read if you dont really want to, find another new hobby to put energy into.

Anonymous 7164

When I want to start reading again, I usually pick something short or easy like a play or fiction with simple plot and easy prose to help me ease back into it. After I get used to that, I move on to the harder books like nonfiction and longer classics.
I also find it important to keep reading books continuously instead of reading one book and nothing for a few weeks. I find that once I finish one book, I have more motivation to start reading others so I ride on that motivation to keep reading. Whereas when I read a book only once every few weeks or months, it's hard to work up the motivation to start again later.
I also try to read 50 pages everyday which gives me a habit. If I'm getting back into reading and can't sit still long enough yet then I force myself to read 20 per day and then increase it until 50.
Another thing I do is try to do is only read in the evening. If I read during the morning or afternoon my mind always drifts away and I get annoyed with the book, whereas in the evening the day is finished so I can relax and focus properly.

Anonymous 7182

anyone else feels like reading fiction is a complete waste of time? I can only read history or technical books (i.e. on math, cooking, computers etc).

Anonymous 7188

Do you also think shows and video games are also a waste of time? Can you not understand the idea of escapism?

Anonymous 7196

I don't think this is universally applicable, but what got me back into reading was Cloud Atlas. It's an epistolary novel, so I'd just read one letter before bed each day.

While I do agree with the sentiment that you shouldn't put reading on a pedestal. I do feel like it allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the characters than most movies/series.

Anonymous 9182


I think reading is better outlet/hobby than staring at a screen and other feminine hobbies should be put on a pedestal too.

Anonymous 9304

But I read books by staring at a screen.

Anonymous 9327

Paper books are better in every way except not being free

Anonymous 9341

>not being free
Exactly no way am I buying $10 paperbacks from dead authors. Especially if it turns out to be something I dislike.

I bought a tablet for reading and internet in bed and it's actually pretty comfy.

Anonymous 12676


I finally read Alice in wonderland.
I'm half way through the second book of Harry Potter. for the last six months Personally not me but not a bad read.
I miss reading and spending forever lost in books but I became too cynical to enjoy anything. All I do it stare into a void, smoke and watch horror movies.
I miss when Knidle/Nook books just had a FREE tag and I would read those bad romance novels and scifi/fantasy adventures, better if its both.

Anonymous 17152

Finally managed to read something that was not fanfic for once. It was rather short but I'm glad I forced myself to read it.

Anonymous 17153

What was it anon?

Anonymous 18693

I feel like I managed to solve this and have read about 20 books already this year, some all in one day.

The thing that worked best for me is to have mountains of books within reach everywhere. Books and audiobooks on my laptop, phone, ipad, ipod… I don't like paper books much anymore but have a couple of them lying around too. (This also works for other things you want to do more, like drinking water). I have a different selection on each device.

I go on libgen and audiobookbay and download everything that seems remotely interesting, then when I am the tiniest bit bored I can open a device and have a hundred different books to choose from. I read the first thing that catches my eye. If nothing catches my eye, then I read the shortest first just so I can get reading something and easily get the thrill of completing a book. I don't keep reading something I don't enjoy though, and will just flick/skim to the end.

I like to listen to audio books sped up a bit so that the duration is shorter and they are then less daunting. Listening to them while you fall asleep and do housework or go walking or just when browsing something like tumblr is good to get through them quickly. I know it's not a race but I find being able to change from book to book reasonably quickly keeps me interested in reading. It's also nice to go back to that childhood feeling of reading all day.

I don't tell anyone what I am reading so I don't feel I have to explain why I am reading something trashy/highbrow/niche or get annoying comments or questions about my taste.

Anonymous 18739

I just started reading what I felt I should read. I recommend asking yourself if you actually want to read, and when something responds yes, go and fucking read, as opposed to stewing in your self-hate all day for not reading. If that doesn't work, your second option is to negotiate with yourself what reward would be worth reading, when you actually do the reading, give yourself a guilt-free reward and actually enjoy it for once.

Anonymous 18740

while i can see why nonfiction helps improve your knowledge set a lot, I think fiction books are better at exploring different themes like identity, consumerism, etc. I guess it completely depends on personal taste but if you want alternitive perspectives for more humanities leaning concepts fiction seems like the way to go.
(Of corse reading things like philosophy can also achieve this but sometimes theory is a bit too dense if you're looking for some light reading heh)

Anonymous 18741

Really depends on the fiction, reading historically significant works like The Iliad or compilations of Arthurian mythology helps to encapsulate the beliefs and attitudes described and prescribed to people in those times. Reading shit like Harry Potter makes me want to gouge my eyes out as it just reminds me I live in souless hyper-consumerist hell, and instead enables retards like this >>7188 to escape their shitty live as opposed to correct them.

I agree with >>18740 that theoretically fiction can explore certain concepts better than philosophy or humanistic works, the majority of fiction is not any attempt at this whatsoever, and is purely meant to entertain.

Anonymous 18746


Hi there anon, I'm a librarian and I get this a lot with our returning customers and new ones alike, and I've been through it myself! I grew up with a really good attention span for zoning out and just binging an entire book but in recent years I find it harder and harder. It turns out that I have ASD and that also made a lot of sense to me, as I'm either able to completely detach and focus on a story or I make three pages of it in and nothing has gone into my noggin.

Books are inescapable in the loveliest way, especially as I work with them, and when I do pick up something out of curiosity and take it home I get the nicest thrill. I think you need to be able to set time with yourself, turn any electronics off bar maybe something like music or ASMR, and just immerse without distraction. It might take some internal fighting for a chapter or two, but gosh, I can't tell you how good it feels to get sucked into a good story. I binge read all of Confessions by Kanae Minato in one go the other day and it brought me a lot of joy to stumble upon a book that had me staying up to finish it. Good luck!

Anonymous 18747


I should add that self-help books are in a format where you needn't ever feel stupid or bad for reading a bit at a time, it's not like you need to retain it all chronologically the way you do fiction and you can make a little time here and there to tackle through it. I've had one of Marie Kondo's books out for a few months and I've gradually gone through it while clearing out my flat and I've also had Women Do Not Owe You Pretty out and that's been nice to read in chunks and think about. No matter what pace you read at, don't feel ashamed!

Anonymous 18750


I read a lot when the weather is nice. When it is summer and warm, I will usually spend one or two hours a day in the local park, reading, watching birbs and staring at guys. There's a really comfy place next to a tree here, though often it is taken. I also started to bring a paperback dictionary rather than use my phone. Keeps the distractions low.

So I think you just need to make it a habit. And of course pick good works, do challenge yourself. Like I used to read a lot of romance novels, but trying more challenging works really was a rewarding experience.

Anonymous 18755

But it's impossible to correct my life to be anywhere close to my fantasies.

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