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cult docs Anonymous 5736

i love cult documentaries.

- holy hell
- wild wild country
- the source family
- going clear
- anything about fundamentalist christos
- anything about white nationalist cultic groups/behaviors
- this show i found on youtube about extreme mormonist groups

>What are you favorites?

>Do they ever make you want to join one?

Anonymous 5738

There are fundamentalist christian cults? What would that even entail? I don't know anything about fundamentalist beliefs that would lend itself to cults. Or are you just calling anything that borrows anything from Christianity "Fundamentalist" from ignorance?

Anonymous 5739


um, nope. I'm speaking about groups or "movements" like Quiverful and Bill Gothard's Institute in Basic Life Principles.

you were sure quick to get defensive though.

Anonymous 5741

Reading up on Quiverful it doesn't seem like a cult to me, I don't see anything about a structure or leadership on the wikipedia article. Am I missing something?
As for the other I don't see anything that portrays it as strictly "fundamentalist".
>you were sure quick to get defensive though.
And now you're being defensive about using a word wrong.

Anonymous 5748

It seems like people who want to live like this are just attention seeking. They stand out more because they’re so different, and they love that attention.

I was raised in a Christian cult, and received a lot of backlash from my dad when I left. He tried to take control of my finances to prevent me from becoming independent. It’s sad that I need to censure my conversation with my family…but I just don’t think like they do. I would rather have freedom than be closely monitored. I’ve finally escaped, and I live 1,000s of miles away from them now. I just struggle with forgetting them.

Anonymous 5749


yeah, the FLDS ladies speak about that – they are told to look distinctive in this particular way (prarie dresses, weird bouffant hair) in order to reject "worldliness" and proudly show their religion.

I'm really glad you got out and feel more free now. How long have you been out?

Anonymous 5885

My favourite ones are about the Aum Shinrikyo group that attacked Tokyo's subway network with nerve gas among other things. They let only one journalist into their everyday operations after the incident. There are two documentaries A (1998) and A2 (2001) which I managed to torrent. Someone managed to upload the first one onto youtube.

Never felt like joining one to address OP's question.

Anonymous 5899

what is your definition of "fundamentalist"? Are you taking it as "fundamental" beliefs of Christiany, as in "original" or "root" principles? I believe OP used fundamentalist as in radical, excessive and with practices or beliefs that are incompatible with a given society's ethical values. In that case yes, there are many.

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