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Parasite (2019) Anonymous 5788

What did you think of Parasite? I recently watched it with my bf, and then again with my mom. It was not bad, but honestly it wasn't as ground breaking as people claim it was. The idea itself was actually creative, I'll give it that much, and the message it carries is not an entirely bad one either.

Spoilers ahead (it's just me chimping about a particular part of the film):

Honestly the fact that one of the subplots was Da-hye (who is 17 at best, though most people say she's 16) and Kiwoo (who's at least 21, but could be 23) getting into a relationship just ruined to whole film for me. I don't know how the producer can be so highly regarded when he's putting this on the big screen out of all things.

Like, I can't even begin to explain how disgusted I was when it all went there. I probably sound like a fucking chimp trying to type this all out, but the fact that my natural reflex to it was disgust and continuously saying what the fuck at the screen really says something.

Other than that, though, it would've been a really good movie, if it wasn't for

that plot twist with Moon-gwang's husband just going apeshit. Honestly made no proper sense to me. Like, I get it, he respects Mr. Park as some kind of deity from heaven and knows what's going on with the Kims, but I feel like that subplot I mentioned above is the same as this part of the movie, where it's just in to be in, for the shock value, or whatever. Sure, it was really fucking unexpected and I was honestly kind of taken aback by it, but it felt.. unnecessary..? I don't know.

I have a huge girl crush on Park So-dam (Ki-jung) because of her character in the film.
What are your thoughts?

Anonymous 5789


I enjoyed it! it was good but not best picture at the oscars worthy imo.

I agree about the relationship between da-hye and kiwoo, even more inappropiate than her age is that he was there to tutor her. didn't need to be a part of the movie. she could've just had a crush. I also thought the husband's freak out with the knife was far fetched. then again, they murdered his wife sooo. I guess he just snapped

I also loved park so-dam in this movie. I liked her ballsy character, she was just… cool. plus she's super cute

Anonymous 5795

You HAD to know that would happen though. Part of the fun of the movie is that you sorta know where it's going, and yet you don't. Their romance was just meant to be another stick of dynamite, for the big boom at the end.

Anonymous 5796


Loved it. Simple enough idea executed masterfully, with plenty of cultural, interpersonal, and political nuances.

I knew nothing about it going in so that probably helped too.

Didn't care about the inappropriate age relationship. But I'm a degenerate European so what do I know?

Anonymous 5797

I'm from the UK and I never considered people would find anything wrong with relationships where one person is 16-17 and the other is in their twenties until recently when it has kept coming up online. I knew the US had a high age of consent but I thought it was like the drinking age where it was something people didn't actually care about. I was really surprised to see that people take it so seriously, like being disgusted at the very idea like OP was.

Anonymous 5798

Americans really are strict when it comes to age of consent.

Anonymous 5801

I'm OP, also from Europe. It's also common here (what >>5797 said), but I've always been heavily against it.

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