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Anonymous 5807

Anyone watching Kyokou Suiri? What do you think of it?

Kotoko is cute and I found her attitude refreshing in the first episode, but the more I watch this show, the more I find Saki to be more relatable (and Kotoko can be kind of a brat to her sometimes).

Kuro's backstory is really interesting. The storyline kind of reminds me of (possible spoilers if you haven't caught up to the anime) a Rumiko Takahashi series called Mermaid Forest. If you liked watching the segments on his backstory, I'd recommend watching/reading that.

Love the ED dance.

Anonymous 5819

[HorribleSubs] Kyo…

I love it. Kotoko is so quirky and funny. I like that she doesn't fit into any of the usual anime character type cliches since she's just such a weird batch of traits. And she's kind of a moron, and the world around her treats her like one.

Anonymous 5826

Is this the one with the pegleg loli? I tried reading it when it was first being scanlated but didn't feel like keeping up with it. Is the relationship cute? I tend to steer away from age gaps that are worker x high schooler because it feels too indulgent of the author, but if it is cute, I can let it pass.

Anonymous 5838

They're only 3 years apart.

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