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MMORPG Anonymous 5833

What MMO's is crystal cafe into? I used to play a low of WoW but it really is not what it used to be. I played Elder Scrolls Online, also Lord of The Rings Online was fun. But recently I have been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 I find it to be very beautiful and artistic, such that a lot of scenes are just so pretty i take a seat and admire the view.

Does anyone else play games like these?

Anonymous 5835

I love WoW and I play it quite bit (raid Mythic). It's the only game I can be quite good at especially if I actually put my mind into it. It gives me something to do everyday, oppurtunity to be social and raids give me something to look forward to. I consider it a hobby even. Sure it has its flaws but I still like it.

Anonymous 5836

I play some XIV every few months. I basically just do the content, go through the story and then wait for the next patch. Savage raiding or EX primals are too much work for gear that becomes outdated in a few months. I already have a day job and would rather use my free time to relax.

Anonymous 5837

That is sooo cool, I haven't really played since cataclysm. and I have not even tried pandas, but some of my fondest memories were meeting new people and doing raids in that game. I remember I used to be infatuated with Wrath dungeons and raids, especially the top of the map, Ulduar. One time I finally got in a raid to do one and I was so excited, the scene was so cool, all i remember is we were on this giant brass bridge and under us were these giant steel robot guys, just standing there. I pulled a leeroy jenkins and started charging in killing everything and they kicked me so fast.. i got pretty depressed over it, even still. I really want to play again, but its too expensive. Recently the free cata server i played got shut down too.

I really want to get into it again.

Anonymous 5849

I like to play Black Desert because I hate myself.

Anonymous 5850

I really like Wizard101. I know it's for kids and stuff, but I really like the atmosphere and gameplay. I just wish it wasn't as heavily monetized when it comes to being able to go to certain areas, but I guess that's part and parcel of being an MMO.

Anonymous 5855

I think I played that a bit when I was a child. Is it still active after all this time? Didn't think it was that big.

Anonymous 5856

It's definitely past its peak in terms of activity, but there's still typically a few close to full or full servers when I play it every now and again.

Anonymous 5858


I started playing Ultima Online about 7 years ago and it's still the only MMO I keep coming back to.

Anonymous 5869

I love FFXIV, everything about its world and story and systems have me enchanted

Anonymous 5870


Would anybody be interested in playing together or maybe making a guild in one of them? The only reason i don't play anymore is because i don't have anyone to play with.

Anonymous 5887

Private server TBC wow

But its now towards the end, currenly 4 bosses in sunwell unlocked

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