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Maerea 5897

have any of you seen midsommar? if you havent you definetly should

Anonymous 5898

I finally saw it yesterday and I have conflicting opinions on the characters and their intentions and the whole commune itself.
I've seen people praising Dani and from her pov I didn't have a problem with her sacrificing her asshole bf but technically he was drugged and raped no matter how much of an asshole he was which from the viewers perspective is supposed create at least a bit of empathy for the jackass.
Not sure what the internet's opinion on Pelle is but I really disliked him because he acted kind towards Dani yet he lied to her and the rest of the gang. What's the purpose of tricking people into going there, I'm sure some people would love to break from their current life and live in a weird pagan commune like that using their own free will, why the need for manipulating. Like at the point of life where Dani was, I'm sure she might've actually accepted if Pelle had brought up the idea to her, instead of lying and deceiving. I know it's supposed to be a disturbing movie and all but idk all this family bullshit means jack shit if you're going to deceive people into staying, I'm sure some people would find the whole concept of death/rebirt/circle of life shit beautiful and inspiring.

Anonymous 5905

i don't know why but the colors in the movie gave me a headache, literally. Both Hereditary and this one made me feel like that.

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