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Documentary General Anonymous 60

Post documentaries you like or want to share.

Starting off with some Louis Theroux.

Anonymous 115


Some Jeffrey Dahmer for the true crime ghouls

Planet Earth 2 124

Anonymous 370

This site is really good for discovering and watching documentaries that cover darker, more morbid subject matter.


Anybody else addicted to binge watching the hordes of mid-00's low quality murder documentaries uploaded to Youtube?

Anonymous 371

I feel like I'm the only Docu fan who didn't fall for the true crime trend hahaha. They're kind of interesting but I feel like there's been such an influx of them and they're so similar.

David Holzman's Diary is a really interesting documentary, made in the 60s. it's a mockumentary but follows the filmmaker as if he was filming his real life. It's a play on the concept of cinema verite. A bit slow but really interesting.


Anonymous 374

My fave docu is
The Great Happiness Place: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief.

Its about the host club culture in Japan.


Anonymous 402

A docu about the club scene in Berlin (2006).


Anonymous 629

Just watched this docu called "Mommy Dead and Dearest" about the Dee Dee Blanchard murder (that woman who treated her daughter Gypsy like she had a million different diseases and at the end got killed by her and her boyfriend).


Anonymous 630

I read about this on Reddit the other night. I feel bad for Gypsy even after she had her mother murdered. There was some definite abuse going on and Gypsy probably would have been killed had her mother continued her schemes.

Anonymous 634

That was really entertaining, thank you for sharing omg. I liked issei and the white dress girl. They seemed to suit each other in the weirdest ways.

Anonymous 641

True, i feel bad for her too. But the docu also showed a side of Gypsy than I hadnt seen on the news. She was kind of a manipulator too, she tried to manipulate the policeman that was interviewing her, and her boyfriend too. I think she must have gotten some traits from her mom. Whether this were "genetically" passed to her or learned over the years I dont know. I do hope that after jail she will start her life, be happy and hopefully she wont be like her mother.

No problem! its my fave for a reason!

Anonymous 665

Tower poster.png

Kind of a change of pace from some of the other recs on this thread! Just watched Tower on Netflix (EU) about the University of Texas shooting, one of the first mass shootings in the US. It's done entirely in rotoscope animation and there's a bigger focus on the victims over the killer. Surprisingly emotional too considering it's almost entirely animated lol

Anonymous 666


All American High is a look into what 80s high school life was pretty much like in California at the time. I think American schools are much stricter now depending on where you're from since the country is so big so this is interesting to check out if you're into the 80s and 90s. Dirty Girls is another good documentary about a small group of 90s outcast middle school girls.

Anonymous 1405

Watched this today for the first time, and, while not surprising in the slightest, i find it quite a interesting watch since it has actual testimonies of some of the victims and what became of them and their predators Surprise, most of them got out free with a pat on the back (or 6 months at max) because having power and money makes raping children completely okay, apparently..

It deals with (some of) hollywood's pedophilia, constant and rampant rape of teenagers/child actors, what these children had to deal with to be actors and not get blacklisted (or killed), etc.

Anonymous 2728

Reviving this thread! I like true crime documentaries and this is one of my latest watches!

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