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Anonymous 602

Movie recommendations thread? Bonus points for movies available on Netflix.

Pic relevant, Okja was excellent

Anonymous 604


Buffalo '66 is a must watch

Anonymous 651


I Saw The Devil is pretty damn good if you like horror-thriller. I think it's still available on Netflix. It's about a Korean officer (or detective or something, I can't quite remember) trying to track down and seek revenge on the crazed serial killer that murdered his fiance.

Anonymous 653


Koe no Katachi is an excellent animated movie, with amazing voice acting, production, characters and storyline.
I went in blind, only knowing it dealt with a deaf girl and a boy, and i reccomend to watch it this way, rather than researching the plot or genre.
They executed the themes it dealt with in an excellent way. It felt very relatable, well explained and not cheesy in the slightest. If you've dealt with the themes of the movie, it will feel quite "familiar".

(Sorry if anime movies are not allowed in this thread. It's not on Netflix, although easily accesible on KissAnime or CrunchyRoll(I think).)

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