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Anonymous 6067

I want to ask the reverse of this image, since this tends to be a common thing I've noticed with my circle of friends

>Sister loves playing big macho races in WOW like male orcs and Taurens

>Best friend was super into mass effect and strictly only played as male shepard
>mother plays both animal crossing and pokemon from time to time and she picks a boy
>my ex's new stupid ugly ass bitch of a girlfriend is an rpg buff and if possible likes to pick boys.

Anonymous 6068

I've always played as the male character in video games since I was a child and am also unsure why. I never cared about male characters having less customization options because I rarely customized my character, and even at 8 years old when I got my first two Pokemon games, I played as the male. I still play as a male character, when possible, in all games. Playing as a female character feels strange for some reason.

Assuming this comic implies that the man may not be straight, I'm not straight, so I guess there could be a correlation.

Anonymous 6069

I'd rather stare at a man's ass.

Anonymous 6070

I usually play as girl characters but sometimes I pick a male character if they're particularly handsome or if I wanna be a big warrior with a big sword. I love guys in big armor. Or sometimes I pick a male character and name him Loser because I think it's funny. I don't think it means anything

Anonymous 6072

In fantasy games i used to always pick male dwarves cause i found the stubby little limbs and exhaggerated beards to be funny
Also they were usually easy and straightforward to play with

Anonymous 6073

This is sort of the opposite, but in games with create your own character I always pick the girl so I can self insert better.
But if it's the kind of game with replayability I might make a guy if the character creator is detailed enough to make a cute one.
I don't mind playing as a guy if the main chara of a story game is a guy.

Anonymous 19053

Dunno. However I always pick the sex depending on playstyle / backstory / roleplaying.

Hack and Slash = male
Charismatic = female

Also did you notice that RPGs often times fuck up female player models? Bethesda's female models look uncanny as hell. Maybe they did not have a clue how a woman is supposed to look lmao

Anonymous 19057

I'm devoid of imagination so when I create a character I usually base it on some character from another piece of media. I choose the gender based on what the character is.

Anonymous 19062

I often choose the male character for my second run of a game to see the differences or whatever

My friend plans on being a guy in Rune Factory 5 even though she's straight because none of the bachelors do anything for her

Anonymous 19071

I only play as a girl if it's a blank customizable character, like in animal crossing. If it's a pre-existing character with a name and personality I'll choose the guy, like in Pokemon.

Anonymous 19074

Same, I'll play as a hot guy if possible.
If the male characters are all ugly or the characters look like kids, like in animal crossing for example, I'll play as a girl though.

Anonymous 19346

this autism logic trannies latch to recruit and groom naive members is so hillarious to me, like picking your opposite gender because you're attracted to them and find them cute in games makes you actually wanna BE them
like how do you come to this conclusion

Anonymous 19347

lmao, the last panel is so true but the other way around. Why is that an excuse for males (yes, it's sometimes used as an unironic excuse)? They don't get sexualized nearly as much as females, meanwhile, if I have to stare at an ass that was specifically made by male artists to turn on male players, it's distracting and gross in most cases. Thankfully, I don't play that sort of game often.

The third panel is right though. Male PCs do tend to have really limited or samey customization options which doesn't allow me to make my ideal character, so I pick the girl instead (very rarely do they fuck up the female options as well).
In most cases I pick the girl, I agree with everything that >>6073 said.

Anonymous 19482


I usually play an all strenght warriors with the biggest sword and it feels the muscle man aesthetic is better for it. I would feel ridiculous swinging a huge sword with the average female model games have. I think it's mostly the devs lazyness of having 3 female bodytypes. I would love to play as a huge musclebound amazon woman but that's almost never an option

Anonymous 19483


I like to play as a girl. Often times I will pick up a game just because it has a girl protag, it is a big plus for me.

Anonymous 19484

This. It's fun to create a character you like and put words in their mouth/play dress up. Creating a character in an rpg is more like fanfiction than it is an extension of myself. This whole tranny argument is like saying little girls who play with Ken dolls are trans.
Actually they probably would say something that dumb.

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