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Disney Anonymous 6077

Post your unpopular opinions regarding Disney.

Anonymous 6078

I don't like Disney :^) There we go.

Anonymous 6080

If we're talking about Disney animations. Stop making movies with traditional animation and switching 100% for 3DCG killed Disney for me.

If we're talking about Disney overall they were never a good studio tbh, to a point that even Pearl Harbor is probably decent for their standards. I think Straight Story is their best movie. And yes, they killed Star Wars and superheroe movies are garbage just like their pirate movies.

Anonymous 6082

The animated movies are boring and childish, though even as a kid I didn't care for them. Anyone who loves them as an adult must have a few braincells missing.

Anonymous 6085

Meet The Robinsons…

The aesthetic and graphic design sensibilities in Meet The Robinsons would've made for a lovely atomic-era-retro 2D animated movie, but Disney went ahead and made it 3D for no good reason except to attempt to cash in on the rising trend of 3D animated movies (and even that didn't garner the movie much profit.) I'll never forgive Disney for shooting a great concept in the foot like that.

Anonymous 6134

That it sucks? Is not charming or funny or poignant, like ever? All humor is snarky/sarcastic, limited imagery is actually beautiful/visually-striking.

Anonymous 6135


Disney has held an entire generation in stasis for almost thirty years by completely inundating modern media with a presence that is near-omnipotent and destructively simplistic.

Their films/shows/products are like McDonalds menu items – fine in moderation, but if one out of four supermarkets was filled with nothing but Micky D's, we'd all be in bad, bad shape.

They had a spark of originality when they were in the market downturn during the early 2000s – I'm biased because that was my childhood and some of my favorite films of theirs still come from that era, namely Atlantis and Emperor's New Groove. Looking back half a century and looking forward twenty years from when either of those movies came out, I genuinely believe those are still some of the more creative and least corporate animated films the Disney company has made.

I'd like to see them downsized and forced to be creative again, rather than relying on an industrial entertainment complex where the only real trouble the encounter is picking which property to re-touch or which story they can retell with little to no effort. I don't think they're inherently bad, but I do think they are currently lazy and reluctant to push boundaries like they did before.

Also, Walt Disney World had most of the land procured by C.I.A. in order to use the burgeoning company as a base of operations and lab to test which propaganda the American People would most readily stomach and what packaging they preferred it in. This is of course before Disney became overrun with ((())) and the C.I.A. lost influence as the other state stepped in to ensure a different, but equally pacifying, system of televisual pacification.

Anonymous 6576

Vaiana was cringe.

Anonymous 6577



Anonymous 6580

I watched Disney a lot as a kid, but it never gives me a magical or nostalgic feeling, maybe because I stopped watched after 7ish?

It kinda confuses me when 30-something HR ladies are obsessed with Disney

Anonymous 6581

Emperor's New Groove next to Frozen 2 and Moana really drives home how dull and uninspired the post-2010 Disney is. Same with their Star Wars.

>It kinda confuses me when 30-something HR ladies are obsessed with Disney
At least they have the excuse of escaping into a simplistic, whimsical world beyond their soul crushing, monotonous job. Adults who live the perpetual Disneyland life are far more disturbing. Jenny Nicholson's channel for example feels like a window into an insane person's life.

Anonymous 6582

Isn’t she weirdly associated with leftubers like Bomberguy and Contra? I think I’ve watched her video essays once or twice

Anonymous 6583

Straight story is one of the best movies by David Lynch.

Anonymous 6594

>Jenny Nicholson's channel for example feels like a window into an insane person's life.
Maybe you're just boring.

Anonymous 6596

A boring person is the one who makes media franchises their hobby/life.

Anonymous 6599

She makes a living and a fanbase off of reviewing media franchises. Probably beats your job. And let's not pretend being bitter on the internet is a real hobby, lmao.

Anonymous 6612


I get what you mean about Jenny Nicholson. She's like the only YTer I watch now. Her content is so obsessive and consumerist, but she also seems to not derive any real joy from it, like she is kind of wryly making a spectacle of her real Aspergers which is also her entire life. And her life is of course really good by the classic metrics of success: she's rich as fuck, and a d-list actress, and has weird online fame, and has great charisma, and maybe BECAUSE of that there is that unnerving hollowness. It's the emptiness echoed in the black plastic eyes of the 40 toys surrounding her in every video. She is THE Disney fangirl.

Her connection to the breadtubers feels so… tangential to her content. other breadtubers are just the 38 year old consoomer, like all the breadtubers are basically the same self-promoting academic elitists at core. She's this outlier because she just sincerely fucking loves original gen MLP and Reylo, and doesn't try to convince you or herself that these things have greater value than what they are

Anyway, I have a parasocial thing I guess. Please be my friend Jenny Nicholson.

Anonymous 6613


Jenny Nicholson is a miner confirmed

Anonymous 6615

… Jenny?
Please stop hanging around Contrapoints. He's a confirmed predator.

Anonymous 6626

>He's a confirmed predator
I'm not doubting you since he's a TiM, but what did he do? Am curious.

Anonymous 6627

Sent tickle porn to a feminist (Terri Strange) because she disagreed with him

Anonymous 6629

No. Hating trannies is funny.

Anonymous 6640

Am I the only one who unironically thinks Disney sexualized/exposed children to sexual subliminal messages?

For example, the dick castle on the little mermaid box… There are countless examples– Aladdin telling Jasmine (inaudibly) to take off her clothes after their magical carpet ride? Or the super sexual scene with Nala and Simba where she tackles him in The Lion King?

Not to mention the fact that Robin Hood birthed a whole lot of furries LOL

Anonymous 6642


definitely, though it's subtle and mild compared to what televised cartoons did and do. (especially nowadays… let's not even touch steven universe.)

my very least favourite walt disney anecdote is one from ollie johnson talking about the work he did on the jungle book:

“Another time was, we were looking at the section of The Jungle Book where the little girl comes out and gets in the water, and the little boy’s up in the tree, and he falls into the water. She senses that he’s following her, so she drops the jug after a ways, and this continues all the way up, and the boy looks back at us [the audience] and shrugs his shoulders, and then he turns around and looks at the little girl, and she wrinkles her nose up at him. That’s one of the best drawings I ever did. And Walt turned to me and said, ‘That’s a pretty sexy little girl, Ollie.’ That was the last time we ever had a meeting with him.”

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