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Chart Thread Anonymous 6109

3x3, top 40s, you name it


crystal.cafe needs some music discussion~

Anonymous 6116


I recommend you use album titles

Anonymous 6117


yeah album titles would help huh?
also the only thing im familiar with on here is dir en grey

Anonymous 6118


>look at charts
>only recognize 4 albums

Anonymous 6119

based eversince

Anonymous 6120



Anonymous 6121

Oh, you have a nice, classic, but well-rounded taste! That's how I'd characterize your list

Anonymous 6122

you're so kind!
care to participate in the music sharing?

Anonymous 6125


Anonymous 6126

take a knife drain your life
also best floyd, swans are dope, and general good stuff
check out yume bitsu. they are really gazy sort of post-rock. psychedelic tones with the gsybe dynamics.

Anonymous 6127


I'd describe my taste as "wannabe-edgy 13-year-old girl who posts bad fanart online" and "incel who has become too comfortable in the community to leave." Neither of these individuals have any knowledge of music and both describe me on a spiritual level.

Me too, Chad, me too.

Anonymous 6128


I made one without any Japanese music.

Anonymous 6131


I like heavy music I hope someone else knows some of this music because otherwise I don't have anything to add to the discussion sorry (I counted and I know only 3 albums posted so far lmao)

Anonymous 6132

chaosphere and I EP are my shit
try listening to:
Anaal Nathrakh - The Codex Necro
Beherit - Drawing Down the Moon
Demilich - Nespithe
Portal - Seepia
Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars

is lingua ignota good? i hear good things. i'll check out her albums eventually… cool chart tho heavy music rules.

Anonymous 6136


Thank you I love you and I love portal, I tried to listen to wittr but it didn't stick with me I'll try that album you mentioned and the others too, Lingua Ignota is so amazing, her voice is very powerful and full of emotion and makes me feel like shes about to cut me lmao, there is also a collaboration from her and members of The Body and Full of Hell called Sightless Pit if you liked Lingua Ignota.
Chaosphere is my favorite album ever, listening to it is like stepping in a whole other world. I can't wait for the next Meshuggah album (probably to be made this year) I'm a huge fangirl. Thank you anon for your comment I'm really happy

Anonymous 6137

Dammit I meant to write Catch 33 not Chaosphere is my favorite album, I mean Chaosphere is fire but Catch 33 is something else I can't believe I mixed them up right after saying I was a huge fangirl

Anonymous 6138

Screen Shot 2020-0…

listened to a bit of let the evil of his own lips cover him and it gave me some swans - soundtracks for the blind vibes. you have any black or death metal recommendations? i put that shit on while driving it helps me zone out.

Anonymous 6139

I don't know much death metal but I love black metal, there's lots of great black metal bands in Iceland right now, my favorite is Misthyring, they have a kind of chaotic sound and I think the frontman is really handsome too haha
I think for zoning out Drudkh is perfect for that, their songs are long and repetitive but not in a bad way, I used to listen to drudkh while embroidering, it was perfect. Oh also right now I'm listening to Diadem of 12 Stars, it gives me the same cozy feeling, thanks for the recommendation.
Also if you like really filthy heavy music I recommend Altarage, they are black/death metal mix (I just read that on metallum I can't tell apart genres tbh) and sound like literal hell, and Primitive Man, which are blackened sludge I guess. I love listening to really horrible music while studying

Anonymous 6140

mispyrming song was good. too bad it isn't on spotify…
I added that autumn drudkh album to my backlog to listen to today.
here is a p dope black metal track i heard recently.

Anonymous 6141

Oh that song was such a journey, I didn't expect the second part and it was wonderful. It's sort of like in the first 3 minutes you are the bird about to be eaten by the BIRD EATTERRR and the rest is your soul floating to the other world lmao
The Misthyrming album is free to download from bandcamp if you want it https://misthyrming.bandcamp.com/album/s-ngvar-elds-og-rei-u

Anonymous 6146


ooo pinkerton, did you ever hear the zerwee album anon??

does anyone like midwest emo here? u__u

Anonymous 6147


>does anyone like midwest emo here? u__u
Is Tiny Moving Parts considered midwest emo? I'm not very deep into the genre but I love them. TCIL&FOF is my favorite album of theirs right now.

Anonymous 6148

it is!! i honestly havent listened to them much but emo overall is my favourite genre so tbh i should.. you have given me a much needed push to get around to em haha

Anonymous 6150


listened to drudkh the other day and was chill
heard this tho and the atonality was really unexpected

Anonymous 6164

I have! Almost put it on the chart actually haha. I hold Pinkerton close to my heart and it was a lovely tribute.

Also love Starry Cat; I'll check out some of yours since it seems we have similar taste (pls don't take that as an insult).

Anonymous 6166

ghfhg nooo i dont take it as an insult at all!! i've heard most of the stuff on your chart, it's good!

you might like some bulldog eyes songs if you listen to the scary jokes already btw, i get some similar vibes from them u__u

Anonymous 6168


i have really basic taste. slowly realizing that isn't a bad thing, exactly, but it is a thing

Anonymous 6170

Bad taste is prioritizing other people's opinions above your own.

Anonymous 6172

lol slayyyter

Anonymous 6173

With all due respect (I love Grimes and Bjork, and enjoy a few Slayyyter songs) Azealia/Slayyyter/Medulla/Art Angels gives me "Twitter tranny trying to blend in" vibes, but Neil Cicierega's music next to all of that instantly changes those to "16-year-old Tumblr kinnie with an aesthetic blog" vibes.

Anonymous 6174

thanks for your contribution.

Anonymous 6175


oh fuck ya Weezer and Oingo Boingo! Only a Lad is probably my fav Boingo album

Anonymous 6177


Anonymous 6178


Another Lana fan! What's your favorite album of hers?

Anonymous 6180


I gotta update this one because now I'm getting more into stoner-doom-sludge metal and finally enjoying clear vocals again, pls no bully

I love binge listening to drudkh and keeping thei entire discography as BGM, here I have one of their album as a fave

Anonymous 6181

Either BtD or NFR. Tough picking between those two honestly

Anonymous 6182

They're both fantastic. She doesn't really have any "bad" albums though I admit Lust For Life is lukewarm with just a few highlights in comparison to her other albums and I find everything of hers to be enjoyable. Ultraviolence has been my favorite album of hers since its release and still is.

Anonymous 6184

Ultraviolence is great, used to be my favorite for awhile. Lust for Life I didn't care too much for outside of a few songs, I'm not a fan of all the rap features. Honeymoon doesn't quite do it for me. It has some good songs, but I have to be in a certain mood to really get into it

Anonymous 6211

My favorite from Drudkh is Handful of Stars, the guitars remind me of bells. Also I love Batushka (tbh properly it should be batyushka) but are you ready for Batuwushka?

Anonymous 6228

i'm looking for that hateful unholy filth

Anonymous 6371

check out Traffic if you like King Crimson, Hawkwind, Caravan, other Floyd-inspired prog

Anonymous 6395


not in order but here's my top 40 so far

Anonymous 6398


Soundtracks for the Blind is popular around here.

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