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shelly bombshell h…

Anonymous 6123

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum
But I haet bubble gum

Anonymous 6124

Is this game any good? I used to play Duke 3d when I was a teen. I suck at fps but enjoy them at the same time

Anonymous 6129

It depends about which game you're thinking about: Bombshell or Ion Fury
Both games were probably supposed to have Pamela Anderson in them but instead there's explosives expert D.Va with a robotic multi-purpose arm fighting Diet Coke Dr. Proton and his legions of cyber servants
What changes the most is how much you like seeing things from above and bad voice acting
Either way the story appears to be rather solid and fun

Anonymous 6130

And that new prosthetic of hers must have cost an arm… and an arm

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