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anime recs Anonymous 6144

looking for anime/manga recs that tackle depression, or just growing up and doing adult things..better if in a female pov. something like oyasumi punpun, or aggretsuko or something..grounded stuff thats not just hs action adventures

Anonymous 6151


I cuncour with anon above! It's so chill and intresting.

Anonymous 6152


I kinda recomend everyone to read "My lesbian experience with loneliness" and the follow up "My solo exchage diary".
It's so true to life and honesty.

Anonymous 6154


i would recommend emanon if you want something more "free" but with adult themes.

Anonymous 6169

the watamote manga. it is a highschool comedy, but there are moments that strike true to the anxiety/depression experience. also adore that tomoko is able to get friends/acclimate to society without really losing what makes her her (e.g. all the otaku stuff). usually in these types of series the mc abandons their nerdy interests/or represses, but her friends accept her.

Anonymous 6190


Aside from watamote, there's also Neeko wa Tsurai Yo! about a 23 y/o female NEET that peaked in high school/college, but got depressed after graduating.
What's nice about Neeko though is that she has a support system, her family and the friends she made back in school. It's realistic, although yeah not to hate on MC/Neeko but despite having a support system she still fails to get a job, oof sis. but yk thats what depression does to you.

Anonymous 6192

Dead Dead Demon’s …

Anonymous 6206

(This does contain magic, but it's very grounded in realism.) Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara is about a girl who cannot see colours, and she is sent back in time to meet her grandmother when she's her age to try to find her happiness in the world to allow her to see in colour again. It's mostly a slice of life with a bit of romance and some light magical themes. Really cute and easy to watch.

Anonymous 6224

I was watching some Natsume Yuujinchou episodes today and boy it is so comfy. I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but it does a great job at tackling my depression.
Another comfy show that cures my depression is Non Non Biyori.

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