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reddit review too many trans Anonymous 6159

a few months ago I got ran off my favorite subreddit because a transwoman got upset with me.

they were suppose to do something and they didnt. so they went back to the trans subreddit and had them attack me. then they gave my name to a downvote bot.
then went through my entire 4 year reddit history. simply insane

I also ran into a trans problem on a tv show reddit. because we didnt agree that one went through my post history and made a thread on a trans reddit.

transpeople on reddit and some blogs are too be avoided. cause if they get mad they will try to run you off.

reddit was some help but not enough. I regret joining so many groups.

Anonymous 6160

As someone that likes to piss off people that are to sensible, it sounds like a fun thing to do if you don't have anything of worth in your reddit account.

Anonymous Moderator 6161

Here is our thread for all trans discussions:

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