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Favorite western comedy animations Anonymous 624

Seeing as Rick and Morty is enjoying huge popularity, I'm hoping it'll become less cringe to admit to watching animated comedy shows. They're usually known for shit plots and bad writing but I genuinely enjoy some of these shows that I think are well-produced with great writers. So happy the seth macfarlane era is over.

Current fav is Bojack Horseman, once I found out the script was originally written for human characters (but netflix pushed for the animal gimmick), I was able to get into the plot and got invested in the characters. Although Rick and Morty is also an incredible show, I actually think Bojack deals with the theme of depression/nihilism a lot better. Both are top favorites though.

Other favs:
>Moral Orel
>The boondocks
>Black Dynamite
>Archer (depending on the season)
>King of the Hill (early seasons)
>Simpsons (only very early seasons)

Anonymous 625

Home Movies and Bob's Burgers are also both really funny. I never used to watch it but there was a King of the Hill stream on youtube and it was surprisingly nuanced. From the few episodes I watched it seems way ahead of its time in terms of adult cartoons.

I never realized that animated comedy was cringe. It's been good for a while my dude.

Anonymous 626


Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Beavis and Butthead are my favorites. I feel like everyone forgot about these but it's interesting how they combine real life with animated characters.

I also really enjoyed Home Movies, Metalocalypse, Mission Hill, and Xavier Renegade Angel (kek). For me, the 90s and early 2000s had the most entertaining animated shows I've ever had the pleasure of watching so far and not just for comfy nostalgia reasons.

Anonymous 628



hell yeah Space Ghost Coast to Coast was awesome. The Fran Drescher episode is my fave.

Daria is GOAT tho

Ah I used to watch a bit of Aeon Flux too.

Anonymous 3365


Excited for season 5!
I don't have any specific storylines or expectations, but I was really into the different directions that last season went in terms of flashbacks and how the past still affects the present.


New project from Matt Groening, the premise seems interesting (medieval fantasy), but reviews say it's mediocre. Will update if I start watching.

Anonymous 3369

Thanks for posting, anon! I didn't know the trailer for season five was out and I'm off to watch it now.

I really disliked the first season, but from season two onward Bojack Horseman became one of my favourite animated shows. The writing is so good and I really love all the background gags. True kino.

Anonymous 3371

I could have written this post myself! I'm so excited for the new season!

I might watch Matt's new show even though I don't have high expectations for it.

Anonymous 3372

I like Rick and Morty and Bojack too. I wish the fanbase for rick and morty wasn't so cringe though, it really is a good show..

Anonymous 3375

That's what really ruins Rick and Morty for me
Especially irl fans

Anonymous 3378


The quality of the animation, the level of detail, the writing, I love everything about this show

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