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Anonymous 6472

why do single player video games make me feel sad and lonely?

Anonymous 6484


Because you're not playing otome.

Anonymous 6501

what video game is that?
kind of reminds me of the port level from Hitman Contracts

Anonymous 6502

That's definitely taken from Hitman Contracts. I think the mission was called Dead Cargo.

Anonymous 6504


not original anon but i feel like otome games would just make you feel lonelier after it ends.

Anonymous 6540

Good thing I always feel lonely after a game ends. Does anyone else feel depressed after finishing a game? Whenever I reach the end of one, I do whatever I can to avoid beating it so I don't have to feel that feeling. I'll even hold off for months sometimes.

Anonymous 6604

because you are weird. imagine not even sustaining being alone inside a fucking video game

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