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guilty pleasure songs Anonymous 6566

what are your guilty pleasure songs? what do you like about it?

mine is this.

Anonymous 6574

Justin Bieber. The older songs too. I just like his voice. There's a bit of zoomer nostalgia mixed in there too.

Anonymous 6585

all kpop songs i listen to

Anonymous 6592

it's fun to sing along and dance to

Anonymous 6607

The bridge always gets to me.

Anonymous 6861

Anonymous 6863

I know Azealia Banks is a shit person but I still like some of her songs. I don't care I'm still going to listen to her music, there are other artists who are popular but have committed actual crimes and no one bats an eye.

WAP is honestly so catchy. I really like listening and it makes me a bit happy that males don't like it.

Anonymous 6905

So whAT does WAP mean now?

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