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animay Anonymous 66

what are good animes cc? i liked baccano the most and most other stuff cant hold my interest

Anonymous 69

I never watched Baccano and to be honest I don't plan on watching anything in particular right now, but maybe I can recommend you Durarara!!, since the writer of the light novels is the same as for Baccano. I liked the first season, mostly because of the first arc, but I never watched the second season.

Anonymous 72

I really liked Mob Psycho 100 and just finished season 3 of the Jojo anime. I started watching JJBA in December and I'm still so obsessed with it, it's fantastic.

Anonymous 76

Ouran Host club. Probably the funniest anime (and mange)Ive ever watched.

Anonymous 77

I've been told by a friend that the anime is great but that the manga is longer and that at some point it turns to shit, is that true? By the way, why do shojo manga that aren't magical girls manga seem to always have short anime adaptations? Or they straight get a drama but no anime? I wish we could have a decent Fruits Basket anime for example.

Anonymous 78

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has been my all consuming interest for almost a year now so definitely seconded.

Anonymous 81

Yeah, the anime stops in the middle of the manga story. God knows why, as far as I know the anime was very popular in Japan, they even did a live version of it .
No I dont think it turns to shit. At all. You can read it online , its everywhere (only 25 or 26 tomes too so not super long).

Re: your last question, I can only think it is because magical girls have more fans (like watched mostly by children and also some adults) while the other types are mostly adults.

Anonymous 85

I also started watching it around fall and got obsessed. I finished Part 4 and will continue with the manga from now on. JJBA thread?

Anonymous 86

Good luck with reading part5 with the shitty scans. But it's much better to read the next parts now than wait for an eventual new season and find spoilers for the parts you couldn't read yet.

Anonymous 100

Anyone here like Steins Gate, Gantz, Kaiji aaaand School Days? I like plot twist anime that seem like they could happen irl. Any suggestions?

Anonymous 158

i'm on part 6 now, but there are great colorized scans already anon…

my friends were hyping my hero academia but 40% of it just recapping emoshuns and there's an entire episode that's just a recap jesus i started hating deku because of how much he would cry and whine

Anonymous 603


Anyone here watched Humanity Has Declined?

With it's cute aesthetic and dark humor, I think the series would appeal to a lot of miners.

Also it's where that gif of bread killing itself is from.

Anonymous 613

I really want to get back to watching anime online this summer. Maybe I should even read some shojo manga since they barely get anime adaptations and there are many of them I never finished reading (not counting Nana since it's on hiatus forever).

I'm going to start using netflix and pay for crunchyroll again so I can at least continue Gintama. I was really into it when the anime had only 250 episodes or so, I stopped watching at 210 episodes I think, and then new seasons got announced. I'm half asleep so I'll post some of my personal favorite manga and anime that I can recommend for you guys later.

Anonymous 614

This anime is awesome, I really want to read the novel.

Anonymous 618

Kamisama Hajimemashita (aka Kamisama Kiss) was good. Until it got too "romantic". IMO. Tomoe is a total hottie btw, read the author was inspired in Inuyasha/Sesshomaru.

Anonymous 619


Anyone have any Magical Girls animes they recommend?

I'm thinking of re-watching SM, last summer I watched all of DoReMi and I'm a fan of Creamy Mami, Pretear, CCS, etc. Not the biggest fan of Madoka (found it too edgy)

Anonymous 620


Why did you choose an image from THAT Gintama doujin? It scarred me for life.
Princess Tutu is great.

Anonymous 654


I recommend Death Note, Haruhi, and Higurashi. They share similar aspects with Baccano and are overall good mystery anime.

If you're looking for something comfy, Azumanga Daioh, Maid Dragon, Lucky Star, K-On, and Haibane Renmei are good.

Other recommendations: Katanagatari, Lain, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Slayers, Black Lagoon, ef, Evangelion, Flip Flappers, Gakkougurashi, Hen Zemi, Hibike Euphonium, Kill la Kill, Konosuba, Bakemonogatari, Little Witch Academia, Kure-nai, Maria Holic, Nichijou, Nichibros, Ebichu, Galko-chan, Panty & Stocking, Paniponi Dash, Prison School, Sakamoto, Saiki, Youjo Senki, Rakugo Shinjuu, Zetsubou-sensei, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Kuzu no Honkai, and Sakamichi no Apollon.

Hopefully you'll find at least one of these to your liking.

Anonymous 681

I just finished Princess Tutu and really enjoyed it. It plays with magical girl and fairytale tropes, so it's usually considered to be somewhat subversive/deconstructive of the genre but it's not grimdark and edgy like madoka. It has a good amount of fluff an feels, but a solid story. Really enjoyed the soundtrack as well.

Anonymous 683


I'm very picky with anime. Might come off a bit pretentious but the series I'd recommend are solid plots 10/10.


Best manga of all time hands down. The art/story/character developments is impeccable. The original 90's anime isn't that great whatsoever but the 2012-2014 OVAs are decent adaptions. The current anime covers the manga's plot more in-depth but definitely needs better animation. I'd recommend watching the three OVAs, then moving on to season 1 and 2 that were just released as they were intended to be viewed in that order.

>Cowboy Bebop

Perfect western sci-fi drama. Incredible soundtrack. Pretentious af but pokes fun at itself. The plot is constructed so neatly and well-executed. The characters are very complex and dynamic.

>Samurai Champloo

Not at all the same feeling as Bebop but written/directed by the same dude and therefore quality is on par.

>Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

A short series that serves as a prequel to the rest of the Lupin saga. I never got into other Lupin series but this one is particularly engaging. The animation is top-notch and again there's a killer soundtrack. The themes are quite mature but it remains classy and the show comes to a great dramatic climax. Oh and the protagonist is a woman so the POV is very different than usual Lupin.

>Serial Experiments Lain

This one is totally different from my usual choices. The plot and characters are very subdued. It's a short 12 episodes but the concepts and themes explored are rather fascinating. It partially helped to inspire The Matrix and other cyberpunk animes.

This thread reminds me I've been meaning to catch up on so many shows and movies, ugh!

Anonymous 686


This is sincerely one of my favorite animes. I think it's time to give it a rewatch, thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous 687


It seems that nobody has ever even heard of The Vision of Escaflowne and it drives me mad. If you're a fantasy-junkie like I am then it's pretty much the quintessential fantasy tale,with it ticking virtually every box throughout the progression of all 26 episodes. It's got forbidden romance, politics, adultery, swordplay, monsters, demi-humans, magic, assassination, a weirdly-high tech militaristic empire, floating fortresses, interdimensional travel, corrupt monarchies, rebellious princesses, dashing knights, a handsome rogue, beastmen, mecha battles, a lost civilisation etc.

It's such a rich and vibrant world and I almost feel like crying when I have to remind myself that it's unlikely that new content will ever be produced for it. There will never be another fantasy anime as good as Escaflowne.

Anonymous 688

Holy shit I remember watching this on MTV. The opening was lit

Anonymous 689

The English opening? Yeah this was a really rare case where the Westernised opening for a localised anime wasn't completely fucking awful (Tokyo Mew Mew I'm looking at you). The techno-choir music was pretty weird for its time too, considering its Western air date was 2000.

Anonymous 690

This and Hellsing's English OP.

Anonymous 691

Shit that's pretty fucking rad.

Anonymous 811

is that a doujin? i just had it saved from somewhere, i liked the colours…

Anonymous 869

A classic.
Couldnt stand their noses tho

Anonymous 873


different anon but I recognized it from twitter when my mutuals were freaking out about how morbid Harada's latest doujin was, so I read it, and it was about Mob/Hijikata, I think it was just called 'Kabe' ('Wall'), where Gin is looking for a lost cat but can't fit through this hole in the wall to see the other side, so he asks Hijikata to do it. Hijikata agrees but then he gets stuck in the wall, where Gin rapes him but then leaves him in there while he goes to town in search of something to widen the hole and takes Hijikata's pants, and so Hijikata gets raped by a gang of burly old men who were passing by. Gin comes back on the other side of the wall, unknowing to what has just happened, with something to widen the hole, but the damage is already done and Hijikata is a mess.

i can't believe this is my first post on this board. i liked beck: mongolian chop squad

Anonymous 1191


I'm really not into anime or manga as much as I used to. I feel like it has to do with having a crappy laptop so it's hard to watch anything on it, not having my own TV, and fandoms being full of annoying SJWs, weebs who take their hobby way too seriously or people who post spoilers everywhere and all the time. I want to watch some anime I never finished or couldn't watch when they aired but I'm not really motivated. Last time I watched something it was Yuri!! on Ice I think. And only because my computer used to work a bit better at the time and I watched it with friends so it was more fun than watching it by myself.

By the way, how often do you watch anime? I used to wait until I had a lot of free time so I could watch as many episodes as possible at once for longer series.

While I'm here, I might as well recommend wsome of my favorite anime and manga:
>fruits basket and some other of the author's manga
>black butler
>jojo's bizarre adventure
>fullmetal alchemist
>level e
>yu yu hakusho (pic related)
>space dandy
>neon genesis evangelion, although I watched it when I was barely in middle school so I don't remember it very well
>lovely complex, but like EVA I forgot a lot of things about the manga
>yuri!! on ice
>princess jellyfish
>samurai flamenco
>tiger & bunny
>gintama, which I haven't finished yet
>durarara!! season 1, I haven't watched season 2 yet
>etc. there are a lot more I'm forgetting or I used to like and don't care all that much about now

Sometimes I wonder what's going on in Harada's head when she draw things like that. It's not even her worse manga.

Anonymous 1196


Where my niggas that thoroughly enjoyed Ninja Scroll? It's an old ass movie but it's the best anime for me. I don't even like action movies but the fight scenes were really enjoyable and entertaining in this plus that R O M A N C E and thos twists. Gorl, I live for this anime.

Anonymous 1301

You have a few Togashi animes on that list, have you not seen Hunter x Hunter? It's the only anime I ever gave a 10/10 besides Tekkonkinkreet, tbh.

Anonymous 1303

I watched the 1999 anime a long time ago, but couldn't watch all the episodes and they weren't in the right order so I don't remember much from it,except the main characters and some specific scenes. I want to watch the 2011 anime because I know I'll enjoy it but my laptop is still dying and now I have less free time because of college.

Anonymous 1385


I decided to watch Made in Abyss on a whim and I'm loving it so far. Shit's comfy as hell, I'm surprised more people aren't really talking about it, but maybe hype has died down since this season is over? (Idk, I'm never really on top of anime releases like that.) The character designs and music sorta remind me of those old MMOs from the early/mid-00's.

Anonymous 1386


i really enjoyed kaiba, it's a dystopian sci fi love story with a unique art style

Anonymous 1387

>comfy as hell
>lovecraftian horror


Anonymous 1388

LOL, oh my god, I was on like episode four when I posted this last night. Shit got real so fucking fast man. I had zero idea what direction things were gonna go in.

Anonymous 1396

Haha wow, yea it does change quickly. Also, thought you might have a laugh at this.


Read the comments for maximum butthurt by the author.

Anonymous 1398


I wasn't planning on watching Made in Abyss before, but now that you mention there is a dark twist, I need to watch this

Anonymous 1408


Anyone know of comfy slice of life anime like Tsuki Ga Kirei?

I'm looking for more realistic and non-tropey anime. So no
>tsundere beating MC because he accidentally grope/see her naked
>no MISUNDERSTANDINGS that took chars many episodes to resolve when in real life it can be resolved in a minute of talking
>no "I like you because you're so nice Bland MC-kun"

At the very least, the MC should not be bland "nice" MC-kun self-inserts

Anonymous 1414

I'm not huge into anime, but I like the normie classics like Nana, Paradise Kiss, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, Inuyasha, etc etc etc.

I recommmend Utena to everyone. It is kind of old, but GREAT. A deep story with great visuals, music and well developed characters.

Anonymous 1415


sorry, I hit Post before I was done typing. Anyway, this is a link to Kuttsukiboshi. Kinda weird, but give it a try if you have time. It's interesting anyways.

And here is a pic of Revolutionary Girl Utena just because Anthy and Utena are qt.

Anonymous 1417


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a cute, light anime that surprised me. I'm usually turned off by goofy character-driven plots bc they tend to go to shit, but this kept me entertained the whole time. Plus Seo is definitely my favorite female anime character I've come across in a while.

Anonymous 1418


I extremely love anything with "cute girls doing cute things." My favorite shows lately are where a group of friends explore a new hobby together that I know nothing about. I loved Bakuon so much I want to get a motorcycle now. They don't sell Hane's sufour where I live and it would be really hard to come by used so I want to get a Honda cb500f cause that's the closest thing I can get to it.

I wish there were more anime about cute girls doing weird stuff like welding or extreme sports that contained light educational content.

Anonymous 1419

Utena is pretty good, but it kind of suffers from ~magical creature~ lesbian syndrome. His other Work Yuri Kuma Arashi is much -much- worse though. I do value Utena, but it needs to be taken with caution since he puts lesbianism on a very very high pedestal and tends to treat lesbians as pure beings.

Anonymous 1420

>>extreme sports that contained light educational content

Anonymous 1421


the best anime in the world, my brian enlarged 400 times from it

Anonymous 1422

I am not really into anime as I explained in my first post, so sorry, I'm kind of oblivious to what you're talking about concerning the author. I do have a soft spot for lesbians in my anime though, but I bet that's easy to guess from the yt video I embedded. I'd still recommend Utena anyway.
Even if the storyline was absolute shit I think the art is fantastic, especially for 97.

Anonymous 1423

Oh no, not hating on anime lesbians. I just see so many people take his work as a super progressive take on lesbians in Japan, when in a lot of ways he paints them as fragile magical creatures. I know a lot of people who swear by Utena (including a 'former lesbian), and I guess I got defensive.

Anonymous 1426


>tends to treat lesbians as pure beings.
What? How are Utena characters even remotely pure, especially by anime standards?

Anonymous 1429

I think you misunderstand. The -characters- aren't 'pure' the author treats -lesbians- as a concept, as in any girls with other girls, as pure. Like, he thinks lesbians are somehow more pure than heterosexuals.

Anonymous 1433

Not the anon you quoted but you got me curious. Can you explain better why? Btw technically Utena isn't even really a lesbian since she had sex with Akio lol or was raped, it depends on your pov

Anonymous 1442


Sure, it's bad to fetishize anything, but sis, are you aware of how often lesbians are portrayed as psychotic and crazy with relationships doomed to tragic endings (or they "grow out of it")? I can deal with one person who fetishizes them as pure.

Furthermore, I always take "feminist" or "lesbian" media written by men always with a grain of salt anyway. I'm not saying I think it's right of him to idolize lesbians, but for the love of god, I prefer that to the general state of lesbian stories. If lesbians being pure was thrown around a lot more, I'd be more upset, but that isn't the case.

Anonymous 1443

We're talking about in Japan, anon. Japan does this in pretty much all lesbian work, but Utena is something popular among females from the west.

Anonymous 1444

That is definitely not true. Ever heard of Riyoko Ikeda? Mind you, I appreciate her work and even quite like it personally, but her works portray lesbians as all the traits I mentioned.

Anonymous 1446

Samefag as >>1444
Plus there are more and more modern works that are interested in portraying more realistic lesbian relationships, such as Sweet Blue Flowers (Aoi Hana).

Anonymous 1449

I seriously don't understand your impression of Utena. Nothing about it is pure, not the characters, not their relationships, not their behaviour or attitudes or feelings. They're all deeply flawed and hurt each other.

Anonymous 1452

have you seen madoka? it's not even comparable to utena.

Anonymous 1469

>treat lesbians as pure beings
> Anty gets passed around like ketchup at a bbq

Also, We all know the #1 pair of lesbos in anime were/are Michiko and Haruka, 4ever and ever.

Anonymous 1480

I recommend Kaiji, Ouran High School Host Club, The World God Only Knows, Shinsekai Yori, Uchouten Kazoku, Toradora!, and Hunter X Hunter (2011)

If you have a poor attention span, try Ouran. Kaiji is also good at holding your attention once it picks up some momentum, but the art style and overwhelmingly male cast can be difficult to get past for some.

In my experience, anime recommendations aren't very trustworthy. A lot of people into the medium are young teenagers, and often they'll latch onto pretty derivative, mediocre stuff because they don't have much to compare it to. Most of the suggestions in this thread are good though.

You have pretty good taste. If you like Higurashi, you should try reading the Umineko VN.

Anonymous 1482

God you people are stupid. I mean lesbianism, Japan has a huge culture where lesbianism is treated as a pure sexuality. Fuck.

Anonymous 1484

hey mate, no need to get so mad. people were asking specifically about utena, not the genre. utena is a one of a kind in the yuri genre; you have incest, rape, betreyal and lots of other shit. thats why people were asking you to explain further why they were pure.

Anonymous 1513

Do you always insult people when they disagree with your (erroneous btw) statements?

>Japan has a huge culture where lesbianism is treated as a pure sexuality

I see what you're trying to say but again you're wrong. They see it as "girl friendship", not something sexual.

Anonymous 1521

Ahh watch Oniisama e, no rape, but incest, betrayal, etc.
I haven't watched Utena yet, but from what I've read, a lot of people think the characters in Utena were inspired from Oniisama e.

Anonymous 1522

Yuri isn't actually the same as actual les shit. Thatms why your lily comics are all handholding and no smut and no, no it isn't seen as pure

Anonymous 1571

Anyone got a good place to watch anime besides crunchyroll?
I usually watch on 9anime but it's down right now/taking way to much time to buffer
I was gonna finish watching your name this morning but sadly have to hold off due to not being able to watch it anywhere sob

Anonymous 1572

kissanime seems to be the place most people recommend if you havent already heard of it, plus most of crunchyroll subbed anime is there too since HorribleSubs 'fansub group' rip the files from the crunchyroll site.

Anonymous 1573

I used to use kissanime a lot back then but then I heard that it was down, or that there were fake sites with viruses and stuff up?? I'll take a look at kissanime again tho, thanks.

Anonymous 1574

You should be fine as long as you have adblock and don't sign up for an account (what idiot would do that anyway?)

Anonymous 1583

gogoanime seems to be a very decent alternative. not sure if they have a good variety of old shows though

Anonymous 1613

2nding gogoanime, they do have a lot of shows old and new.

Anonymous 1620


Is gogoanime good for use on mobile devices too? Specifically meaning that it functions well and doesn't have a bunch of spammy pop ups appear when I click on the play button or something

Anonymous 1626


Anyone here also a fan of oldschool (90's to early 00's in my case) anime?
I find modern anime so uninteresting, dunno why. I feel like watching some old series. Maybe Magic Knight Rayearth or some romance. Any recs?
Seen Eva, Utena, Key the Metal Idol, Lodoss, Oniisama e, Ima Sokoni Iru Boku etc.
Mostly looking for something up to 24-26 episodes.

Anonymous 1628

I recommend 12 kingdoms seeing you have MKR in there. It's also feMC centred Isekai with loads of political wrangling involved. Would also help if you're a fan of Chinese Wuxias and Three Kingdoms lore as the politics were mainly influenced by Chinese pol system

Recommend skipping eps 14 - 21 though because the arc is pointless and has no resolution (atleast in the anime)

Anonymous 1629

never tried watching on phone but it does not have the pop up ads atleast unlike kissanime when using my laptop

Anonymous 1638

Same here anon.

Well you have the super popular Cowboy Bebop. FMA would fit but obvs FMAB is much better imo.

I LOVE Ranma 1/2 but its from the 80s and a lot of episodes.

Anonymous 1639


Feeling so comfy in this thread with people who cherish 80s and 90s anime.
You have great taste.

Anonymous 1646

anyone else watching houseki no kuni?
i just watched the first ep and it seems promising! from what i've seen i think all the characters are girls and they're all super cute! the OP is really good as well.

Anonymous 2146

I just watched Devilman Crybaby and I really enjoyed it. I watched it mostly because I know the manga inspired some other series I like a lot and because I've heard about the OAVs before Crybaby was announced. I also didn't expect to care that much about Miki for some reason.

Anonymous 2224


Is anyone here into Black Butler? I caught up with the anime and manga and I have so many things to say about it, but it's mostly spoilers.

Anonymous 2231


I've been marathoning a fair amount of anime movies and I really liked Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome.
If you watched Tatami Galaxy and loved this, this is another movie which features some of the same characters but a different scenario.
Finished Anthem of the Heart which had it's moments but was overall meh, and getting through Up On Poppy Hill now.

Anonymous 2254

Are mangoes allowed ITT? Couldn't find a manga general thread in the catalog.

I read Oniisama-e many years ago and was bored out of my mind, maybe I should give it a second try.

I'd like to read more female oriented manga bc most of the ones i like tend to be borderline misogynistic. The only shojo I genuinely love is really short, it's Iguana no Musume by Hagio Moto.

Anonymous 2259

DID YOU? Omg I just finished the anime and holy shit was it FUCKED. UP. I was crying episodes after - you know who- died, which incidentally in the anime they make it an accident while i know that in the manga it was suicide. I'm dying to read how it happened tho, I mean what took Rei to that extreme since she looked/sounded happy .

Anonymous 2261


Yeah i vaguely remember that one of the girls that looked like boys had some serious family dramu going on with the other lead girls… tbh i find that type of character a bit obnoxious and unrealistic. The anime might be better, in the manga the drawings and especially the facial expressions were a bit ott, it was pretty but didn't feel like human beings.

The only part of the manga that i remember clearly after these years was when the poor girl was mocked for her reading inexperience, because that made high school me pick up some books lol.

I don't dislike classic shojo though, it's ridiculously charming having characters that are able to feel so intensely, it's like they'll break if you barely touch them and that's just beautiful, but the problem with that is that it can very easily come off as overly dramatic and annoying if your characters aren't human enough. And it doesn't help that to me the "girls drawn like boys" type characters feel super artificial and not human at all, they're basically reverse traps.

I just didn't connect with these characters, either i was too immature when i first read it or they're just not for me. But i liked the classic vintage sorority vibes and how educated and ladylike everyone was so i promise i'll give it a second look with an open mind.

Anonymous 2267

Have you seen (or read the manga) Versailles no Bara? Same author, characters look practically the same (but one of them is actually a man, and the other one - main one, and funnily enough the one that looks exactly like Rei- lives as a man most of her life). Its very fucking good and not as"girly" as Oniisama E.
And yes, the anime was OTT as fuck. Sometimes to the extent of being ridiculous but what else can you expect from an old shojo lol

Anonymous 2293

You should watch the anime version of Oniisama. It's seriously amazing and a very wild ride. The manga is too short to explore the plot that well even though the ideas were solid, honestly. The anime mostly follows the manga but with a LOT of new stuff added in and all of it is great.

Anonymous 2354

I finished watching made in abyss recently, I went in mostly blind and I was very pleasantly surprised.
It's kind of scary, but not a horror movie type of scary, but rather I was afraid for the well being of the characters, it FEELS like they're in terrible danger, it FEELS like they're on a suicide mission.
spoiler: when they decided to go down to the abyss I was shouting in my mind "NO! you MORON! you will DIE THERE!", I felt genuine anxiety
The whole fantasy style to the world feels very original and creative, it looks beautiful and the entire mythos around the abyss feels so original and fresh I was glued to the screen.
I recommend this, probably one of my favorite animes of all time.
Expect some gore, well, not OUTRIGHT gore since they always "show" it obstructed from view, but there are strong depictions of painful things happening, with the VAs doing an excellent job screaming in agony.

Anonymous 2903

i just started watching Asobi Asobase - workshop of fun and i really like this show. if any other miners have a crunchyroll account they should check it out. The Daruma Otoshi puppet show at the end of the first episode was one of the skits that made me think of y'all.

Anonymous 2921


I don't understand how some of you manage to watch so many animes, I've watched 2 and a half this entire year lol
Currently I'm watching Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan, it's about a super powerful psychic (as you can see from his name) highschool boy who just wants to live normally and not attract any attention but his psychic powers and his classmates make that hard for him. I really love it.
I know you might not see this but a manga similar to this is Danberu nan kiro moteru (translates to how much do the dumbells you lift weigh but I like to call it "do you even lift") it's about girls starting to go to the gym and learning new exercises. I love the characters, and it's funny and ridicolous.

Oh, another unrelated manga that I would reccomend: Tomo-chan wa onnanoko, it's a comedy/romance or whatever, about a tomboy girl trying to make her crush fall in love with her - or at least acknowledge her as a woman. But the plot is not the reason I love it, it's the characters and the stupid things they do. The picture I attached is from this manga.

This post got a little long didn't it? I hope you don't mind.

Anonymous 2929


Saiki is so fucking hilarious. It just kinda came out of nowhere with no hype or reputation and became one of my fav comedies with ease.

Anonymous 2930


It was like that for me too, I'd never heard of it before I saw this photo on Facebook. Then I decided to check it out and I'm really glad I did

Anonymous 2933

[HorribleSubs] Sai…

How funny, when I replied to you before I was strongly considering posting the screenshot you just posted instead of the reaction image I did. It makes me kek every time.

Anonymous 2962


Aku no Hana

Anonymous 3012


my favorite. just downloaded all of it just to have on my computer in high quality.

Anonymous 3027


My husband!

Anonymous 3048

I kinda picky when it comes to anime and my taste might be kinda boring but my absolute favourite anime is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I literally binged it over the course of two weeks. I legit couldn’t stop watching. The plot, the characters, the backstory and even the aesthetic were amazing. I’d say Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin and Angel Beats are up there too. Slam Dunk, Angel Densetsu and Gantz are probably my favourite mangas of all time. As for shoujo, I’m not super into it but I’d say My Heavenly Hockey Club, Lovely Complex and anything by Yuu Watase are bretty good. Smutty josei like Hapi Mari are my guilty pleasure tho.

Anonymous 3049

Haikyuu, Erased, RElife, Steins gate and Yuri on Ice are my favorites. I haven't watched much so if any of you could give recs from those it would be nice

Anonymous 3051

Thanks for shilling this, I ended up loving it after only the first couple of eps and proceeded to watch all of S1 in 3 days. I instantly burst into giggling fits every time the chuuni's theme plays. Best boy.

Anonymous 3056

Logh made me cry so many times.

Anonymous 3072


I put this on my list after readin this reply and I just watched it, I love it, it's so crazy. I like how the opening animation couldn't be more different from the actual show. Also the ending animation is my favorite of all anime I've seen yet

Anonymous 3162

I started watching ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. recently and I've been enjoying it. I like it when I find anime that doesn't have same-face-syndrome, and I think the stylization is interesting. Plus, the main character kind of has that cool-guy-sherlock-holmes vibe without being over-the-top about it. If he didn't smoke, he'd be on my husbando list.
Although I guess since he's 2D then he doesn't have to worry about lung cancer…

Anonymous 3163

I'm glad you like it, anon! The opening animation had me thinking it was going to be a completely different type of show, too. I was like, 'this looks cute but…generic….'
However, I was pleasantly surprised! I felt like the characters had way more realistic relationships with one another than the ones that I usually see in slice of life anime.

Anonymous 3164

I love their relationship too, one minute they're like scavengers picking on each other and the next minute they're so happy and supportive. I think it's nice that they showed that girls aren't always perfectly adoring and supportive of their friends and that they also mess with each others.

Anonymous 3187

I started watching My Hero Academia! So far I'm just on season 2 but I really like it so far!

Anonymous 3193


Hell yes, My Hero Academia is my shit!

I lowkey have been waiting for someone in this thread to mention it for a while now

Anonymous 3198

ayee now I'm on season 3. I'm really speeding through it, I'm so glad that Funimation is keeping up with the new release of the episodes. I signed up for funimation just for this too lol. Since Hulu only has season 3 subbed

Anonymous 3204


I started watching Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight. It looked like an average idol anime at first but it's heavily influenced by Takarazuka theater and Utena, so it's been pretty intriguing so far. One of my favorites this season for sure.

Anonymous 3209


I'm in love with the zuka/idol mix. It's funny, I was just wondering if there was a thread about Starlight Revue here and your image was right on the first page. Comfy.

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