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Anonymous 6918

Would I be a weirdo if I drew anime characters and mild fetish artwork on twitter?

Anonymous 6919

Yes. Is that a problem?

Anonymous 6920

Please link me your Twitter I love both of those things.

Anonymous 6921


No, there are a lot o freaks on Twitter who would appreciate your art like myself.
But be aware of fancops/antis, they are annoying as hell and are everywhere.

Anonymous 6922

No, that's pretty much the only thing anyone uses Twitter for.

Anonymous 6923

You would be saving twitter

Anonymous 6924

there are incredibly rich men out there running kiddy fuck rings and old cougars doing coke. and other immensely terrible and stupid and disgusting things in this world. just live your life

Anonymous 6925

Yes, but also know your worth and set up a nice price for what you make, especially for the weirder shit that some males request.
And, as always, set up an alternative account that doesn't have anything that relates to your personal information and don't ever talk about what you did IRL or so.

Anonymous 7198

no, there's ppl doing much worse things anyways.. do what you want!

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