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Anonymous 6959

Are there any good sites/forums for discussing movies and tv shows without having to deal with constant pol baiting? Long time /tv/ user but I cannot go there anymore without feeling angry and disgusted and I do not know where else to turn. I just want a place where I do not hear "da joos" every 5 seconds that is not reddit.

Anonymous 6961

Try reddit.

Anonymous 6971

Fuck reddit, people there watch some shitty action flick and think it is the peak of cinema

Anonymous 6975


Anonymous 6976

I used to get by using filters, but it either filters too much or not enough.
However, mods are kind of stepping up their game lately. They usually let an offtopic thread go on for a few hours and then ban everyone in the thread.
That means baits come in waves nowadays, yeah.

Anonymous 6977

discord has decent servers and people when filtering out the film bros.

Anonymous 6979

>They usually let an offtopic thread go on for a few hours and then ban everyone in the thread.
Problem is they decide what is on topic according to their whims. Some completely on topic threads get deleted.

Anonymous 6980

Yeah I agree.
Besides I enjoy shitposting a bit too. /tv/ has a pretty good base for that kind of thing.
Fun people. Hell, if they acted like this, the board wouldn't have any culture.
By the way if you delete your post before they purge the thread, you get off scot free. Happy shitposting. Yeah yeah i know, reset router and all that stuff. I never get consistent results with that kind of thing.

Anonymous 6981


I love this frogposter. Makes me laugh out loud whenever I see him in the catalog. That and familiaposting.

Anonymous 6982

Then perish.

Anonymous 6983

Well /film/ seems like a godsend for you.
I'm the opposite i suppose, the films they talk about are interesting from a historical perspective, but not very entertaining from the viewpoint of a modern viewer.
Also why not make a general like that here?

Anonymous 6984

Yeah OP, be the change you want to see in the world. Make a topic here.

Anonymous 6985

>mods are stepping up their game
Not at all, I was there 2 days ago for like 5 minutes and I saw a huge thread complaining about the interracial romance in Bill and Ted and then some thread where everyone was laughing at leftist while saying retarded pol shit. At this point any discussion about movies is just one reply away from becoming pol. The mods need to really step the fuck up, they do literally nothing

Dunno, this site in general is p slow as is which is okay usually but would come to a grinding halt if we were to talk about, let's say, Jericho

Litearlly the entire internet is full of shit and shitposting, I just want a place where I can discuss movies casually but on-topic

Anonymous 6986

You'll have to just make a more general topic, like "let's talk about old TV shows" and be willing to do some leg work by talking into the void in order to spark conversation from lurkers.

Anonymous 6987

>apolitical discourse in 2020
yeah good luck
at least on 4 Chan you can actually lead a debate.
Also I already mentioned it- look up the /film/ threads. Decent stuff

Anonymous 22176

what is this

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