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Websites you visit daily Anonymous 7

(or frequently)

Anonymous 8

I'll start

Twitter & FB

>le ebin memes, text-based boards like relationships, askreddit


>( ° ʖ °)

>tfw salty NEET

Anonymous 12






/fit/, /x/


i'm a salty bitch


true crime tho


why am i admitting this online


as of today, it'll probably be a regular.

Anonymous 13

/ot/ and /g/. Not an an enormous fan of the /pt/ shit.


/r/TheGirlSurvivalGuide, robotics subs I've been roped into


Tried to get out. Couldn't.




Getting used to it, has a lot of potential


Hopefully. I like it here

Anonymous 14

Facebook Messenger
>To talk to normie friends

>To talk to degenerate friends

>For my salt needs

>To further increase my salt

>Gotta check daily for new pics of husbando

Anonymous 15

> youtube
I like to have random vids on for no reason
> Facebook
Only to remember no one messages me
> lolcow.farm
Gotta get my shot of daily milk
No chill
> Reddit
Lurk and never post

I don't do much on the web.

Anonymous 21

See what people are up to, look at ironic meme pages, share articles about stuff I care about that nobody reacts to


Passes the time, I usually flollow one or two threads on /snow/ and visit /ot/ and /g/ regularly.


Passes the time a lot.


/cgl/ and /int/ mostly

Anonymous 22


Anonymous 24

Same, but starting to hate the vitriol and muh mental illness posts, I always end up feeling angry and/or sad. Don't even know/care for any of the lolcows except Chris Chan whenever he's being himself.
Fellow /g/entoofag?
Btw, is GitHub as full of SJWs as they say?

Anonymous 26

GitHub has a liberal userbase, but it's Git hosting… not a social platform. I don't see any political talk there.
Unless you hunt for it, I don't think you'll have trouble with SJWs. People try to avoid those conversations which is a nice change of pace for once.

There's also GitLab, but they're debatably worse with management.

I used to frequent /g/ but not as often recently.

Anonymous 30

Mostly to listen to music while browsing other websites when I'm on my computer.


I made my most recent account to keep track of video games announcement and new releases mostly, I rt a lot of stuff and post food sometimes but for some reasons I have mutuals.

>4chan /a/, /vg/ and /cgl/

Only when I'm bored and have nothing better to do, which is more and more often now.


I keep track of my backlog and see how much I play to beat RPGs.


Only to keep track of important info related to college because nobody in my college wants to use the official website we're supposed use for sharing news and documents, students and teachers alike. I'll delete my account once I graduate.

>lolcow, mostly /ot/ and /g/, lurking /pt/ and /snow/ out of morbid curiosity

I used to use tumblr on a regular basis but I deleted my account some months ago because the user base is shit and my laptop and previous phone couldn't handle it anyway. All my mutuals stopped talking to me or went to twitter, I archived my blog's pictures with tumblripper and deleted my account. I think that's it.

Anonymous 33

>>/ot/ and /g/ mainly, although I enjoy reading about Luna and Lurch in /snow/ and PT in, well, /pt/

>>I'm not even a member, I just like to read interesting stories from r/askreddit, r/trashy, and r/childfree

>>I'm a design whore, so of course I'd be a member!

>>I love bidding on stuff and winning things at low prices lol I even buy my vitamins, skin/haircare products off eBay

>>I hope!

Anonymous 39

Most of the times I watch the same channels and videos over and over, just to have something running in the background.


Only with SJW-bullshit filtered, to fulfill my aestheticTM and artsy needs


Browse away on askreddit and TIL


More artsy stuff

>4chan / 8ch

/a/, /v/ & /gd/ sometimes /adv/


I need to get my fix, sorry

Anonymous 40

That's pretty cringy. I'm not even saying that having pride in being white is wrong at all, but the people that post there are just as bad as incels and other "red-pilled" people. Blaming others for their own problems and taking pride in the achievement of others.

Anonymous 42

>Lurking only


AskReddit, ELI5; basically text heavy subs that don't eat mobile data when driving to work via train


When it's a slow day at work



because of friends


pretty pictures I like to collect on my blog, rarely interact with people



mostly /toy/, rarely /v/

>Instagram, Flickr

pretty pictures I save for reference, but I also post my own there regularly

>Den of Angels

I collect BJDs

>Local doll forums

Nostalgia, but I dislike most of the new people

Anonymous 43

I only lurk, but it has become a horrible guilty pleasure for me for a long time now. The milk is too good :(


Mostly for looking at pretty art/aesthetics and memes, I don't post anything


To keep up with my weeb friends

Anonymous 44

Mostly for /ot/ and a handful of threads on /g/ and /snow/. Most cows don't interest me


To keep up with friends


I read /r/relationships daily, sometimes askreddit and StardewValley


because I like taking ~aesthetic~ pictures and seeing what everyone is up to

Not daily but somewhat often:
Mostly /cgl/. I'll check /pol/ whenever a terrorist bombing happens just to see everyone's reactions


Just to see if anyone's added me. It hasn't really benefited my worklife tbh

Anonymous 48


>hating anyone but white people


Anonymous 51

but milk has gone dry and farmhand are acting autist lately and banning everyone left right and centre so i'm taking a break b4 i rage (is it only me who noticed this?)


used to be antiSJW debates for the kek, now its creepypastas and spoopy ghost hunts

>sweet anime streaming websites

for that sweet anime streaming experience


hav shopping problems

Anonymous 53

i stopped going there. the mods at lolcow are newfags. they're power hungry and banned me 6 times within the past year and 3 times within the month for one post (lol wtf they dont know what theyre doing)

i was never banned by the old admin out of the entire 2 years i was there before the new mods showed up. you can't have fun at lolcow anymore. imageboards are srs business.

Anonymous 54

I'm addicted to those stupid gimmicky makeup videos Huda posts and I also follow several Liz Lisa accounts and other j-fash instas.


I follow j-vloggers mostly on /snow/.


Music and vlogs

Less often:


Makeup subs and RPW

Anonymous 55

Red Pill Women?

Anonymous 56

Yes. No bully pls.

Anonymous 57

I noticed that too lol

Anyway anyway its almost 4am


For the terrible art thread because it makes me laugh, random picture thread because it also makes me laugh, and occasionally original threads like cute stationery or whats in your bag because I am nosy :^)


It used to be where I found decent people and their fun lists with interesting things to click on and discover like favourite online shops or language learning or comics, but now it's overrun with teenage otherkins and people who are more focussed on making "DFI" lists, rather than contributing to the weird community listo has with new interesting content they like that will actually define them as a person (I'm salty)

I stay because it's the cutest list making website I've come across so far! And you can't tell who follows you either which is relieving, I love to follow people with lots of links to click on or something personal that's really unique, like a list of phases they've been through, or interesting things during their day.


I like fic still but I tend to just stalk the same users and reread what they have written, I'll get adventurous if I find an exchange happening. Also I browse fandomsecrets daily.


I like using it for storing fic and hoarding urls. I paid money for this site.

>lezhin and LineWebtoons

I buy my GL manhwa/webtoons from Lezhin and it's freaking expensive because I buy so much and you have to buy coins to purchase the chapters, even though they're available for free on somewhere like mangapark, but this is the life I chose. The GL life.

Line webtoons is free but it has ugly GL so I don't read them, however I like the shoujo and action webtoons so I read them. DICE is my favourite. My mother reads webtoons too and sometimes we read them together, it's cute x


I buy more GL from here and occasionally shoujo, I actually buy so much GL I have a pre order list on listography. Feels good when I hear my post being delivered.

I also buy lots of psychological thrillers on amazon kindle and I get emails from bookbub telling me if any are any being offered for free for a few days!!


This is where I go for the manwha and manhua I cant buy because I can't read korean/chinese well enough to navigate round one of their webtoon sites, and then buy coins and get charged bank fees for it (I'm genuinely sorry too) Even if they don't have official english translations I try to buy the chapters and read them in english on the free sharing sites.

Despite me saying that I read killing stalking for free because its psychological thriller but i dont want to spend more lezhin coinz atm. Maybe if I get a second job temporarily or something because having an expensive social life and expensive hobbies is….. expensive

>funimation (and my friend's crunchyroll)

The funimation one started off as a joke because I wanted to watch the Yuri On Ice dub in 1080p but then my mother watched it with me and afterwards asked me if she could share the account if she paid half. She paid me enough for a years sub and now she's watched more anime than I have

All of these sites and apps have been in my most used/frequented for months so I know Im in deep

Social life sites aren't as interesting as they're mostly just about finding new restaurants, booking badminton courts, or youtubing songs to listen to while cooking dinner and then maybe renting something on google play and streaming thru youtube if there's no dvds to watch

Anonymous 58

mostly as background noise when I'm doing my makeup and cleaning
>facebook messenger / skype
talking to my ldr bf
mostly /fa/ and some porno boards, more rarely /trv/, /mu/, /s4s/ and /x/
talking to the few friends I have and posting random shit
My biggest guilty pleasure, I mostly lurk. I read the threads about Luna, Jill, and the J-vloggerz. I hope I can stop visting altogether because it's all so petty, I feel stuck though
reblogging pics and occasional personal posts

Anonymous 64

>Same, but starting to hate the vitriol and muh mental illness posts, I always end up feeling angry and/or sad.
Holy shit this, /b/ (how /ot/ used to be called) used to be…. Ok I guess? At least the conversation topics were more interesting, now browsing the active threads makes me cringe.


Agreed it has potential, I hope it doesn't degenerate into a SJW cesspool like Twitter did. I use it to follow nip artists and to find good art.

Anonymous 65

>worrying about your race is hating anyone but white people
Not to defend stormfront of all places but ok.jpg

Anonymous 74

I go there for /g/ and sometimes /ot/ but I also venture over into/pt/.


I love watching Rob Dyke, lolita youtubers, and just finding new music on there


I go on /cgl/ a lot.


I like blowing my money on pusheen merch whenever I can


For buying secondhand lolita so I don't bust my wallet buying burando


cat blogs. they make me smile when i feel down


I used to love going on lolcow but lately the place seems too full of edgelords and everything makes you a tumblrtard if you even try to appear remotely nice.


while I only lurk, i like going on r/weeabootales so I can have a good laugh or two

From what I understand it was announced the staff was fired at that one townhall where old admin came back for a night. I guess they got some new ones but I don't think it's really working out. I wonder if lolcow's days are numbered. It's sad cause I was kind of fond of /g/. I was actually kind of upset when they temporarily nuked it without warning.

Anonymous 926

To keep up with the ~irl~ drama/info


To keep up with the ~online~ drama/info
(mainly just browse /g/ and /ot/, + the occasional /pt/ when I'm bored.








Lately I've been browsing here almost everyday, wish it was more active tho

Anonymous 3066

To shitpost with you guys
To keep up on The Drama (and /ot/ and /g/)
>Facebook messenger
Talk to normie friends
>private twitter
For screaming

Anonymous 3073


twt & one hallyu
> for my kpop shiz. news, gossip, chatting with other fans, etc.

> there are like two generals related to kpop i frequent. + drg . . .i might lurk /cm/ & /u/ if the mood takes me

> i steal cozy images from here like…once a week i guess

> guess

> smol chatsite that used to be super active last summer but discord kinda killed it. still, i login weekly to see if i can't get ahold of some fleeting buddies

> just /g/ and /ot/. farmers seem to be pretty level headed, i've seen some good advice and gotten good advice.

> this is my slow home.

> only when i get stressed. there is a certain peace to be found in endlessly scrolling thru cat pics, manga memes, and positive posts even if they are written in that tumblr-ish way

Anonymous 3074

forgot to mention drrr.com for quick n dirty rp + a few jcink sites i lurk constantly

Anonymous 3077

sending love to my mutuals and daily dose of BL


kpop news and general news


mostly /jp/ /wsg/ /wg/



>pinterest & pixiv

for art inspiration

Anonymous 3197

Just the app, so I can keep up with the fam
Following a lot of threads and honestly I think I just go on here out of habit if nothing else.
>> lolcow
Becoming less and less tolerate of them. They're all becoming unhinged
To catch up on the people i follow. And also I started a channel about a month a go :x
idk why I watch these and not the cable I pay for (Playstation vue)
Daily dose of kawaii shit and to keep up with my bestfriend/friends

Anonymous 3199

Fellow roleplayer!
Do you know any other sites for quick rp? I don't have the time/energy for forum roleplay right now but I'm also not really into anime roleplay.

Anonymous 3219

Gotta read up on the New York Times newsletters
>my school's course platform
Gotta access my assignments
Usually /g/ and /ot/ but I like to check up on toopoor from time to time
A nicer, slower alternative to lolcow
Reading up on my favourite ancient civilizations, among other things

Anonymous 3520

This is a month old, but you could try Shamchat + various discords.
I don't know what to tell you if you dislike anime RP since I only hang in circles that use 2D face=claims.

Anonymous 3524

>I watch some videos while eating and listen to others while drawing
>/ot/ and /g/, sometimes lurk /snow/ for artist milk
University website
Here, of course
>I post art that gets very little attention, but I like how customizable blogs are
>intend to post art but just keep up with people I follow instead
bjdcollectasy and acbjd
>I love dolls

>my mom
>I comb through rating subreddits to save pictures of cute boys

>I go through periods where I go on /r9k/ daily and hate myself for it. sometimes check /an/ and /co/ while I'm in that state of madness.
aliexpress/amazon/misc. clothing websites
>I occasionally get possessed by a consumerism demon

Anonymous 6309



Only for /ot/ and /m/, sometimes /g/.


Just like checking in on it every day.

>Kakashi Nenpo

Also a board I like visiting.




/mu/ and sometimes /girltalk/, but its a pretty dead board.


To keep up with my favorite artists and bands.

Anonymous 6316

Is this post an advertisement for a bunch of dead chans or smth

Anonymous 6317


Anonymous 6510

been wanting more online friends. i use to have a lot of twitter friends but deleted my account a few years ago so i could focus on irl. i kinda miss it and made a new twitter but have no idea how to make mutuals again

also how do you guys find decent discord servers to join

Anonymous 6521

mostly for fan art & cosplay stuff


most of my friends still use this somehow


mostly to lurk, i like reading some salt


also a huge lurker there, personally liked that it was just a little more chiller than lolcow


i have a normie life outside of degeneracy


this is the most recent addition, ive been lurking here for months and finally got to posting here a few weeks back

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