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ASOIAF Anonymous 7049

I've just finished up the first book (reading because I dislike live action), and I'd love to discuss the series/see it being discussed here, on C.C.
Also going to kindly ask that people use spoilers, since I know almost nothing about what's coming next/knew nothing going in. In this vein, just let me say: I can't fucking believe Ned died. What the fuck.

Anonymous 7557


Anonymous 7563

idk what this is.

Anonymous 7565

I read it almost a decade ago and I believe when I started, it was already considered kinda old. I barely remember anything, tbh.
I remember liking Arya's and Sansa's chapters a lot though.

Anonymous 7616


I used to love it, but Martin is too much of s slow writer to me. I will still read the 6th book IF it ever comes out, but whatever.

Some older friends had the same problem with The Wheel of Time and they managed to finish everything even after Jordan died.

Anonymous 7632


I didn't mind the slow pace of that story. I loved it, in fact, all the way up until Sanderson's books. Everything suddenly felt like it was written by an ADHD teen when he took over.

Anonymous 7680


Martin is a master of the character development while Jordan was a a great world builder, though I believe Erikson (Malazan) surpasses both.

I don't know why people even compare both series, they are too different and have their own strenghts, problems and uniqueness,. Martin is also a huge WOT fan, he made a few references on ASOIAF about Jordan.

>I didn't mind the slow pace of that story

I don't mind it too, though I think books 8 and 10 were atrocious. Sanderson is also a great writer and I think his books are very good, on the same level as the ones that Jordan wrote. His Stormlight archives is my favorite series of this decade.

Can we turn this thread into a /sffg/ (sci-fi and fantasy general)? I don't think there are enough people to discuss only ASOIAF here, but maybe the genre is popular enough to get more replies.

Anonymous 9486

We don't enough people to discuss a genre of books either, it seems.

Anonymous 9609


Anonymous 10077

I love Cersei and Stannis.
That's it

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